Who wants to host 2018 worlds? WMA seeks bids by September

If India can sort out its dueling federation issues, might it host worlds in 2018?

So you have a country that isn’t named USA, Australia, France, Italy, Spain or Finland. Wanna get a world outdoor masters track championships? Here’s your chance. WMA has issued a call for bidders for 2018 outdoor worlds. The 2015 meet is in France, 2016 in Australia. But after 2013 Brazil, don’t count on another Third World venue soon. Athletes should have a say, too. So where would you like to go? India? China? Back to the site of debut worlds — Canada? Here’s where we’ve been. “All completed bid applications must be sent to the secretary by the 1st September 2014,” says WMA Secretary Winston Thomas. WMA charges a sanction fee of $120,000, BTW. See the contract. But let’s not forget Budapest worlds starting March 25 (and note revised schedule). Safe travel to all. In the meantime, where’d you like to go in 2018?
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March 22, 2014

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  1. Peter Taylor - March 22, 2014

    I’ll take Stockholm, Sweden for July 2018. In 2013 the highs for July ranged from 62 to 83, and you might make some new friends among the Swedes during your visit in 2018.

  2. Tommy Aunan - March 22, 2014

    Stockholm would be nice and spendy, but I would be perfectly happy with Riccione, Italy again, the second best attented WMA outdoor ever with 9000 entrants, if WMA cares about entrance money, Riccione makes perfectly sense!

  3. Matt McCubbins - March 23, 2014

    Canada would be cool from a budget-friendly standpoint for Americans, especially after the sure-to-be costly trips to Perth in 2016 and/or Auckland, NZ in 2017 for WMG. By the way, I guess I missed the explanation for why the WMA decided to switch the Outdoor Worlds to even numbered years – is it to avoid WMG conflicts? Will Indoor Worlds continue on even years as well? Seems like that will make it really tough for many athletes to attend both WMA events.

  4. Ken Stone - March 23, 2014

    Yes, Matt. Several years ago, WMA voted to avoid going head-to-head with WMG every four years. So the transition means back-to-back outdoor WMA worlds.

  5. Cornell - March 23, 2014

    The Bahamas (site of the world relays championships this year) would be a favorite of mine along with possibly Toronto, Canada. Of course these sites are convenient for most of the Americas.

  6. Stefan Waltermann - March 24, 2014

    Japan would be interesting; the marathon would guarantee a new record attendance. Berlin, Germany would be my choice, I lived there in the 70’s and the Olympic Stadium is one of the best T & F venues in the world. I saw Harald Schmid & Edwin Moses dueling in Berlin; the most amazing race I’ve ever seen. “I would wake up at the morning, and in California we’re about nine hours ahead of Germany. I’d say to myself, ‘Harald has probably finished his workout by now, I need to get busy!’ Guys like him were my motivation.”-Edwin Moses
    Berlin would be my motivation..

  7. Christel Donley - March 24, 2014

    Stefan, I “second” Berlin. Our relay team ran at the ISTAF Invitational ,end of the 50th. What a stadium!
    We did get about $ 10.- a day for food. Guess, what we bought: ugly, red nailpolish at Woolworth, a luxury at that time (Little money left for food, who cared_)
    Has anybody read the “bid application”? Quite a demand to meet, incl. a a suite for the WMA president…
    Stefan, thanks for handing me water in Boston!!!

  8. Annie Compton - March 24, 2014

    I really enjoyed the 1999 Championships in Gateshead, I wouldn’t mind going back to somewhere in the U.K. for 2018.

  9. Mary Harada - March 25, 2014

    Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Japan etc – all sound good to me. I am not suggesting the USA as Sacramento was a poor show and I am sure would put off many from voting for any USA entry for many years. With South Korea being the indoor location for the next indoor meet in 2 years – Japan would have a hard time getting votes if there was a European entry for 2018. Between Perth in 2016 and New Zealand for the WMG in 2017 and South Korea for the indoors in 2017 – the 2018 outdoor meet needs to be somewhere else than the Pacific area. But the real problem is getting a bid from responsible bidders who can afford to put on the meet in decent facilities. A suite for the WMA president – wow – really – airfare, meals, and a daily stipend too??? Riccione again – no thanks – once was fine but enough – those who thought Riccione was fine were not competing at the far distant venue out in the hinterland with inconvenient transportation that sometimes did not show up.

  10. Dale Campbell - March 25, 2014

    I think the 2018 should either be in North America or Europe. I think there are a few really nice cities in Canada that would do a good job. My vote in Europe would be England or Germany. The key is getting a city that really wants to do a good job of running a Masters track meet instead of just looking at the possibility of making a few bucks on hotel rooms, etc. With the bid amount and all the little perks for our royal servants, I am afraid that a lot of good groups are not going to bother.

  11. Tommy Aunan - March 26, 2014

    I would agree with Berlin or anywhere Germany since they have not stepped up and hosted in a long time!

  12. linda douglass - March 26, 2014

    Would love to see it go to London. Germany would be good as well.

  13. Bob Lida - March 28, 2014

    I’m suprised, and a little dissapointed, no one has mentioned Wichita, KS yet.

  14. Ken Stone - March 28, 2014

    First dibs on Bob Lida’s couch!

  15. Mary Harada - March 28, 2014

    or how about Clermont, Fl – they did such a bang -up job with the regional meet a few years ago – or for that matter Charlotte, NC – lots of places to ignore.

  16. Bill Bittner - April 4, 2014

    I agree with Bob L.- someplace close to home would be nice. Unfortunately, everyone can not afford to travel to those locations light-years away. Is every seven years too much to expect?

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