Antonio Palacios injury at Budapest reminds us of masters resilience

Antonio in warmup.

Antonio in Budapest warmup.

American Antonio Palacios was favored to win the M45 triple jump at Budapest, but he pulled a hamstring on the first jump and Russians swept the medals. But photographer Rob Jerome was so taken by Antonio’s effort that he sent these two shots. “Injuries are almost an inevitable part of this sport,” Rob writes, “and always a topic of conversation. But dealing with injuries and coming back to compete again is the true takeaway lesson of masters athletics. Palacios, I’m sure, will be back.” In the shot at left, Rob says, Antonio looks like he is already hurting. The image below shows fellow competitor and American Karl Hawke coming to Antonio’s aide. “Hawke himself was injured (5 torn ligaments in his foot) at the World Masters Games last summer in Italy,” Rob says, “but today turned in a great performance in the triple, especially given his recent injury. He didn’t make the finals, but he turned in his personal best performance of the year. That’s the definition of resilience in my book.” Also completing an amazing comeback was Bill Collins, who missed the 7.52 M60 WR in the 60 by the smallest tick in winning the final at Budapest. Bill had a serious bout with Guillain-Barré syndrome a couple years ago, remember. “In the metro station … I spoke with Bill Collins, who yesterday won the 60 meters by almost half a second after coming back from a debilitating neurological condition,” Rob writes. “Bill told me he’s still not back 100% and may never be, but he vows to keep pushing.” Just like us all.

Karl Hawke checks on U.S. teammate Antonio after injury during triple jump.

Karl Hawke checks on U.S. teammate Antonio after injury during triple jump.

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March 27, 2014

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  1. Weia Reinboud - March 28, 2014

    In the finals 200 quite a lot of pulled hammies and several falls just before or just after the finish line. An Italian women had a serious fall on her chin, oops… Nice day!

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