Seto adds Budapest results to 2014 world masters rankings

Americans held down three lanes in M55 400 final at Budapest. See more photos by Doug Smith

Database guru John Seto, our new hero, has imported close to 6,700 results from Budapest worlds into his world masters rankings site. See the indoor results here. (Outdoor results from Budapest have separate link.) The lists even include prelim times, so you’ll see double plants under some names. But no matter. This is a lot easier to navigate than the Budapest results site, where you have to search for an event and then fiddle with the tabs and screens to view the event results. A cool feature of the Seto site is you can click on country name and see Budapest results for just that nation. Take USA, for example. Of course, you can drill down to any athlete as well. Here’s our fearless leader’s page — for USATF masters national chairman Gary Snyder. Egg John on by slipping him a donation.
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April 2, 2014

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  1. Tom Phillips - April 2, 2014

    This is great, but does anyone else find a bug when using the “Find Athletes” link? Offers to search the Indoor results by first letter of surname, but only comes up with results on the Outdoor ranking.

    Hate to rain on the parade, because this is the best system I’ve seen.

  2. Ed Dunaye - April 2, 2014

    GREAT JOB !!! John.
    You made a “silk purse out of a sow’s ear”.
    Sent you a donation.

  3. Matt McCubbins - April 2, 2014

    +1 on a great job, John. I love the self-service approach just like on our USA rankings…and you add extra value by auto-populating results from the big meets.

    One caveat for a while: we must take our World Ranking with a grain of salt as it will take time for athletes to A) find the new site and B) recognize that they must self-submit results from smaller events throughout the year.

  4. Weia Reinboud - April 2, 2014

    Awful! But a bug: the list is working with birth year not birthday. So I see myself being 65 already.

  5. Nate Sickerson - April 2, 2014

    Awesome website John. Thanks for all the work.

  6. TN - April 2, 2014

    There is nothing ‘auto’ about populating the Budapest results. The WMA didn’t send him the HyTek file that would make the job easy, he’s doing it piecemeal from whatever appears on the web.

    Get on your federation’s case to send him their rankings lists if you want to see this thing really take off.

  7. Matt McCubbins - April 2, 2014

    TN, from the athlete’s perspective the Budapest results did automatically appear in the new World Rankings. I’m sure there was much more to the process from John’s perspective.

  8. Liz Palmer - April 2, 2014

    Happy to send you a donation, John. Fantastic work!

  9. Bubba Sparks - April 2, 2014

    I know John has covered this before, but do we need to resubmit our best marks to this site or will he bring them over from the US site? Thank you!

  10. John Seto - April 2, 2014

    Tom, thank you for letting me know about the bug. It is fixed. Please email me if you find anymore (and provide enough specifics so I can find it).

    Weia, There was a calculation error affecting around 1,250 results where it made it look like the athlete was in a different age group. I fixed yours (sorry for prematurely aging you) and your results are all properly ranked compared to the results in the system. Please go in and submit any mark you like so the system knows you in the future.

    Bubba, No, all of the US marks are being merged this week then a few days more for me to clean up some of the navigation so the system will work seamlessly.

    Matt and TN nailed it: there are relatively few 2013 and 2014 performances in the system so people can really help by making sure that I am getting results sent in a usable form so the rankings will be more meaningful and accurate.

    Everyone, please let me know what improvements and features that will make this even better for you. Also, please spread the word, especially to those outside of the US, and encourage them to use the system, submit their results and provide feedback on features, bugs, etc. Lastly, please encourage people, who think this is a good thing and worthwhile to support, to donate.

    Thank you all. This system will improve daily. I am adding features, improving data or performance and adding results every day.

    The WMA championships were all loaded (except for a few events that have not been posted yet) by last Monday. There are almost 8,000 in the rankings system. Please let me know if I missed a round or event. Thank you.

  11. Steven Bowles - April 2, 2014

    John ,we really appreciate your efforts and the results . Your status reports keep everyone current . Thank you .

  12. Tom Phillips - April 3, 2014

    I second Steven on that. The feedback was very worth having. Great job, John.

  13. Weia Reinboud - April 3, 2014

    Magnificent John!

  14. Matt McCubbins - April 3, 2014

    Thanks a million John! I just donated the entire balance of my PayPal account! (which sounds better than the actual amount, LOL)

  15. Weia Reinboud - April 3, 2014

    So great this is. I’ve put a message on our national facebookgroup.

    I personally would be very pleased by full birthdays of the athletes. Like on Martin’s rankings.

  16. David E. Ortman (M61), Seatttle, WA - April 3, 2014

    As a former event ranker who had to do all a lot of searching for marks, hand conversion of feet to meters, and then hand rank (and re-rank) what John has done is nothing short of a MIRACLE. There is no reason that USATF and WMA should not fund his efforts.

    Give the new world ranking system a chance to settle down. In the meantime, it would be a big help if athletes were able to take an event or an age group in the 2014 U.S. Rankings (both indoors and outdoors) and look for duplicate names. These are increasingly rare, but they do occasionally show up.

  17. Anthony Treacher - April 4, 2014

    Weia, what is the url (link) to your Netherlands masters national facebook group?

    Urls to other masters national facebook groups would be very welcome.

  18. John Seto - April 4, 2014

    World Masters Rankings Milestone (! Many of you have wanted all of the US results merged with the world rankings. This is now done and also includes results that were in the US citizen by athletes from other countries as well. There is much cleaning of the information to be done so please bear with me while I continue to improve the site, load more results from several countries and clean up information (like eliminating duplicate entries, correcting citizenship, correcting names that did not import well and have ? in place of unrecognized characters, etc.). Please wait a couple of days before you notify me of any corrections from this merge. All this will take some time and may be distracting but will help get lists like the 2013 rankings completed sooner. Please pardon these distractions.

    US Athletes: the US rankings site will be revised over the next few days to make all navigation seamless. Please keep in mind that all result submission policies are still in effect so the deadline for submitting 2013 results has passed and the deadline for submitting 2014 indoor results is the end of April.

    WMA Indoor Championship Results update: All of the results that were available were posted to the rankings (7,970 total indoor and outdoor). Here are the links: (events contested indoors) (events contested outdoors). These results include preliminaries, semi-finals, finals and multi-event (except the 1,000 meter run). Some of the pentathlon scores are missing. Please let me know if you find any other missing events or rounds (a link to the results would be really helpful).

  19. Ken Stone - April 4, 2014

    Rob Jerome has posted his YouTube video on jumpers and hurdlers at Budapest worlds:

    Nice background music: “Up Up and Away in my Beautiful Baalloon” from 1967 song by Jimmy Webb and recorded by The 5th Dimension,

  20. John Seto - April 4, 2014

    Hi everyone, the good news is Sandy Pashkin was great and sent me the Hy-Tek file with the complete meet results. The bad news is the server is not cooperating so I will need to finish reloading the results tomorrow. There are a total of 8,252 results that are being imported. Sorry for the delay.

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