Close to a third of entered Americans won medals at Budapest

Myrle was lucky enough to get a shot of herself with WR on scoreboard.

Myrle was lucky enough to get a shot of herself with WR on scoreboard in Budapest.

Eighteen Americans won world championships in Budapest — in 21 events. Three were triple gold medalists — Charles Allie (60, 200 and relay), Bill Collins (60, 200 and relay) and Joy Upshaw (60 hurdles, 200 and relay). Double gold went to Nick Berra (800 and 1500), Charmaine Roberts (400 and 800) and Thad Wilson (60 hurdles and relay). That’s my reading of Mary Trotto’s list of Team USA medalists. Mary, our Awards Committee chair, also counts 20 Americans with silver medals (in 19 events) and 17 adding bronze. I count (haphazardly) 42 Yanks with hardware. Since about 138 of us competed at worlds, that’s a batting average of .304. Did any other nation come close? Perhaps the most historic performer was W65 Myrle Mensey, whose weight throw gold of 16.91 meters (55-5 3/4) upped her own world indoor record. And in taking silver in the outdoor hammer (excellent weather, she says), Myrle set an American record of 37.08 (121-8). That beat the listed AR of 35.93 (117-10) by Carol Young in 2005. No surprise for the 2013 USATF Female Masters Athlete of the Year. Have I missed any other records set by Americans?

Here’s Mary’s list. Let us know of omissions or corrections.

World Champions

Damon Blakemore M50 Pentathlon
Brandi Bernert W35 60m
Bill Collins M60 60m
Bill Collins M60 200m
Charles Allie M65 60m
Charles Allie M65 200m
Jeanne Daprano W75 200m
Joy Upshaw W50 200m
Joy Upshaw W50 60mhh
Charmaine Roberts W 800m
Charmaine Roberts W 400m
Nick Berra M45 800m
Nick Berra M45 1500m
Derek Pye M65 60mhh
Thad Wilson M60 60mhh
Robert Arello M55 Shot Put
Stefan Petersson M45 Javelin Throw
Myrle Mensey W65 Weight Throw
Bruce McBarnette M55 High Jump
M60 USA 4×200 Relay
Thad Wilson, Charles Allie, Rick Riddle, Bill Collins
W50 USA 4×200 Relay
Lorraine Jasper, Shemayne Williams, Debra Hoffman, Joy Upshaw

Silver Medalists

Rachel Guest W35 Pentathlon
Rachel Guest W35 High Jump
Myrle Mensey W65 Hammer Throw
Rita Hanscom W55 Pentathlon
Rita Hanscom W55 Pole Vault
Kenneth Hoffman M40 High Jump
Sid Howard M75 800m
Jeanne Daprano W75 1500m
Coreen Steinbach W60 800m
Coreen Steinbach W60 1300m
Jeff Lindsay M55 800m
Nolan Shaheed M60 800m
Carolyn Langenwalter W75 400m
Mark Stewart M75 400m
Robert Arello M55 Weight Throw
Don Drummond M40 69mhh
Emil Pawlik M75 60mhh
M55 USA 4×200 Relay
Joseph Smith, Ben James, Jeff Lindsay, James Chinn
M75 USA 4×200 Relay
Sid Howard, Emil Pawlik, Joe Cordero, Mack Stewart

Bronze Medalists

Myrle Mensey W65 Shot Put
Marilyn Coleman W35 Weight Throw
James Chinn M55 400m
Debra Hoffman W50 400m
Mark Williams M40 1500m
Jean Daprano W75 60m
Coreen Steinbach W60 3000m
Loraine Jasper W50 800m
Damon Blakemore M50 60mhh
Dr. Mary Trotto W65 Pole Vault
Michael Venning M55 Hammer Throw
M50 USA 4×200 Relay
William Shelton, Damon Blakemore, William McKeever, Marcus Shute
W35 USA 4×200 Relay
Maurelhena Walles, LaTisha Moulds, Jennifer Burke, Brandi Bernert

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April 3, 2014

9 Responses

  1. Damon Blakemore - April 3, 2014

    Inasmuch as I would like to have been the world champion in the pentathlon, I was the silver medalist. However my point total of 4062 did eclipse the listed AR for M50-54.

  2. Ken Stone - April 3, 2014

    Sorry for overlooking AR, Damon. USATF’s summary of meet didn’t even mention Myrle’s records:

  3. anonymous - April 3, 2014

    Looks like some people have better PR machines than others. We always hear the same names when others are also putting up great results!

  4. Ben Ami - April 3, 2014

    “I count (haphazardly) 42 Yanks with hardware. Since about 138 of us competed at worlds, that’s a batting average of .304. Did any other nation come close?”
    of course :) look at Moldova!
    3 superwomen: 5 medals (3 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)

  5. joe gougj - April 4, 2014

    Thank you Ken for your super reprts on the World Masters its much apprrviated.

  6. joe gougj - April 4, 2014


  7. Ocean Eversley - April 4, 2014

    Congratulations to everyone that competed at Indoor World’s!
    All of you are awesome!

  8. Mark Cleary - April 5, 2014

    Ken, you missed an American record. My Team mate Brandi Bernert lowered her AR in the 60m that she set in Boston by one hundredth in W-35 she ran 7.75

  9. Marilyn Coleman - April 6, 2014

    Hi Ken,

    Great job with the site. I broke the American record that I set in Boston in the W35 weight with 15.35 (50’4″).

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