Joanna Harper defends USATF amid Albuquerquegate fiasco

Criticizing USATF is a cottage industry these days. (I own the patent, trust me.) The crazy disqualifications and reinstatements at Albuquerque open nationals have led some, especially this Facebook page, to call for Max Siegel’s head on a javelin. Max is CEO of USATF, and he’s perceived to be in bed with Nike. Still, not all denizens of Trackandfieldland are marching on Indy. In a brave post on Women Running Together, masters race organizer Joanna Harper writes: “I understand the frustrations of people over certain aspects of USATF, and some of their rulings. I would urge everyone to take a step back and to realize that, for the most the part, the organization is composed of good people who are trying to do their best for the sport.” She cites examples of helpful interactions. And she says: “I have encountered other USATF personnel and volunteers, and I have been generally impressed their abilities, and with their commitment to the sport. I personally appreciate the opportunity to compete, and the way in which various USATF people have enriched my life by facilitating these competitions.” Basically, she’s saying: Don’t tar all of USATF for the foibles of a few. Sensible advice?

Nike coach Alberto Salazar was at center of L'Affaire DQ.

Nike coach Alberto Salazar was at the center of L’Affaire DQ.

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April 4, 2014

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  1. Marcus battle - April 5, 2014

    Were are the Boston results
    They are not in the us rankings

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