Mongolian masters track! How I love writing alliterative headlines

Apparently color photography hasn’t reached Mongolia media yet. But gold is still gold.

WMA is doing its job. One of its missions is getting more nations involved in masters track. Mission accomplished with Mongolia! The UB Post out of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, reports (with crazy inconsistency): “Mongolian master athlete T. Tserendolgor, 76, won gold medals in three contests of the World Master Athletics Championships 2014. She won the M45 shot put, M60 javelin throw and M70 discus throw which took place on March 26. T. Tserendolgor is one of the few experienced athletes of the Mongolian Athletics Association. She previously participated in tournaments held in Brazil and European countries, and won a total of 12 gold, 21 silver and 9 bronze medals in total.)” The results site (with a set of boogered PDFs that don’t open properly) confirms her marks. See below. Her first name appears to be Tumurbat. And she wasn’t the only Mongolian in Budapest. Also competing was W55 thrower Altantsetseg Ayush. No Mongolian men apparently. So this makes Mongolia even better than Team USA for winning medals — But not as good as Moldova, where all its entrants medaled. (What’s with those M-nations?) Turns out Tserendolgor has been around for years, competing at the Asian Masters Championships in 2006 and the Sydney World Masters Games in 2009, for example. She must have some M-oney!

Here’s the M-results:

Event 124 W75 Shot Put
75 WMA: R 11.39m
Name Age Team Finals
1 Tumurbat, Tserendolgor W75 Mongolia 9.73m
2 Vilcinskiene, Algina W77 Lithuania 9.28m
3 Ponzelar, Brunhilde W75 Germany 9.19m
4 Kern, Maria W75 Germany 8.53m
5 Buntika, Ilga W75 Latvia 7.49m
6 Junge, Ingrid W78 Germany 7.39m
7 Frackowiak, Ewa W75 Poland 6.47m
8 Dunsford, Barbara W78 Great Britai 4.98m

Event 146 W75 Javelin Throw
75 WMA: R 29.92m
Name Age Team Finals
1 Tumurbat, Tserendolgor W75 Mongolia 19.41m
2 Minculescu, Angela W78 Romania 18.65m
3 Kern, Maria W75 Germany 15.71m
4 Buntika, Ilga W75 Latvia 12.34m
5 Champion, Sheila W78 Ireland 8.43m

Event 158 W75 Discus Throw
75 WMA: R 30.80m
Name Age Team Finals
1 Tumurbat, Tserendolgor W75 Mongolia 22.26m
2 Ponzelar, Brunhilde W75 Germany 21.98m
3 Derrien, Carole W75 Great Britai 21.21m
4 Kern, Maria W75 Germany 20.82m
5 Vilcinskiene, Algina W77 Lithuania 19.81m
6 Thevessen, Gisela W76 Germany 17.25m
7 Buntika, Ilga W75 Latvia 16.60m
8 Dunsford, Barbara W78 Great Britai 9.89m

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April 5, 2014

3 Responses

  1. Christel Donley - April 5, 2014

    Tumurbat was with us in Porto Alegre, where she was only surpassed by the great Evaun Williams.
    Unfortunately, we could not converse with her, but smiles and nodding did the trick.
    Hope to see her again – but NO in my age group.
    I am leaving…

  2. Tserendolgor Tumurbat - May 11, 2015

    Hello, thank you for writing beautiful comments. I hope we are seeing again in LION, France. and Nice in France. Even tough i can’t speak in English, we can understand in our heart by nodding and smiling. Now I am preparing for participating in Jakarta in Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur in Malaaysia in Asia International Masters Games. When i am writing this , my child helps me.

    I hope we are seeing you then happily.

    Sincerely yours,

    Tserendolgor Tumurbat

  3. Christel Donley - May 11, 2015

    Tserendolgor, hopefully one of your children will translate this for you.Over a year ago, I wrote the above note, wishing you would read this!!

    YES, I remember you well and still feel sorry, we could not converse.

    I laughed about all the marks for MEN, I thought, maybe there is a different T.Tumburbat

    see you in Lyon, as I saiod…. lucky for me, in different age groups!

    A big hug!! will show you what that means!

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