USA vs. Britain Multi-Event Challenge doubles as USATF nationals

Every summer for at least a dozen years, the USATF Masters Combined Events Championships have been held about a month before masters outdoor nationals. Sometimes the meet (dec and hep) follow nationals. But they’ve also been a foreign draw, being called the USA vs. Great Britain Multi-Event Challenge. Jeff “Decamouse” Watry details the next edition, set July 5-6 in Neosho, Missouri (not far from Joplin and my first journalistic posting at Lamar). Jeff writes: “The Multi-Event Challenge is held every four years in conjunction with our national championships when a group of competitors arrives from Great Britain. We pair guests with someone of similar ability from the U. S. and add total scores from all the paired athletes. Not all of us will be paired with a guest, but all of us can enjoy the spirit of the competition and get to know some new friends. In two years we will have a chance to journey to Great Britain and participate in their national meet. So whether you are paired or not, welcome our friends from across the sea.” He shared an info sheet and an entry form. Wish the meet were important enough to rate a mention in the USATF list of national championships.

Facebook shot of Neosho High track, site of USATF masters dec/hep meet.

Facebook shot of Neosho High track, site of USATF masters dec/hep meet.

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April 7, 2014

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  1. Gary Snyder - April 7, 2014

    It is here:


  2. Andrew Hecker - April 8, 2014

    Thank you Gary. These kinds of omissions by the national office are why we need to control our own website. Even I don’t check usatfmasters often enough. But since we can’t depend on the office to put all our meets in one spot, each of us athletes need to look around to different sites ourselves. And help publicize both the meets and the dependable sites amongst ourselves or people we may know.

    Poor attendance at our meets make it a poor experience for the competitors and financially difficult on the meet organizers.

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