Eurovets invited to get foretaste of 2015 French worlds at meet host

The Eurovets site says: “Lyon – host city of the next World Masters Athletic Championships Stadia – will organize the French Masters in Athletics from June 6th up to June 8th 2014. Marcel Ferrari and his team of the LOC Lyon prepare the World Masters one year before the great event will start. To check the procedure of entries, the venues, and the teamwork the LOC invites athletes from Europe to enter the open French Athletics Championships for Masters. Join in and be part of the championships!” The invitation targets Eurovets, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Norte Americanos could enter French masters nationals as well (on the theory that our money is as good as theirs). So if you already were planning a trip to east-central France this summer, write to the French WMA rep or Lyon 2015 contact for info on entering.

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April 8, 2014

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  1. Chris Bates - April 8, 2014

    I have permission to compete, so I know it’s possible, and I have my tickets. The decathlon is June 7, the day I turn 50, so I arranged it through my friend Jean Luc Duez, recent record-setter in the indoor pent at Worlds. When I found out there was a decathlon in France on my birthday, I had to be there!

  2. David E. Ortman (M61), Seattle, WA - April 8, 2014

    USATF and Canadian Masters are very generous in allowing foreign competitors. Eurovets, not so much. It would be helpful if someone could compile a list of national masters track meets that are open to outside competition.

  3. Ben Ami - April 9, 2014

    smart guy’s! :)

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