Ashton Eaton gets to watch great masters races at Mt. SAC

Hope Willie Gault brings his bride to Mt. SAC!

Me hopes Willie Gault brings his recent bride to Mt. SAC Relays!

Ashton Eaton, some bored deca-dude from Oregon, will make his 400-meter hurdles debut at Mt. SAC this Saturday. If he wants to be inspired, he need only watch one of several masters exhibitions that weekend. I can’t wait to see 53-year-old Willie Gault, recently married, take on former Japanese national champion Hiroaki Akabori and fellow actor Damien Leake in the men’s 100. Lots of other studs in that race as well. In the women’s 100, triple Budapest gold medalist Joy Upshaw will have her hands full with Portland State’s Cassandra Sidner, who is 23 years old. (Or is her mom running?) The women’s 800 is simply awesome, with such superstars as Sonja Friend-Uhl, Aeron Arlin Genet and Claudette Groenendaal. The men have a great 800, too, as well as a hammer throw. But no hurdle race this year. Mt. SAC entry lists says: “Event 513 Men 110 Meter Hurdles Masters — No entries for this event.” Sigh.

Here’s the latest masters entry list for Mt. SAC:

Event 517 Women 800 Meter Run Masters
Saturday 4/19/2014 – 12:30 PM
Name Team Seed Time
1 Sonja Friend-Uhl Atlanta Trac
2 Aeron Arlin Genet Running Divas
3 Christine Gentile The Janes El
4 Kira Abercromby Running Divas
5 Tania Fischer Unattached
6 Jennifer Frere Running Divas
7 Kirsten Leetch Unattached
8 Claudette Groenendaal The Janes
9 Christine Olen Boise River
10 Goldie Daniels Trojans Mast
11 Lois Allen Boise River

Event 502 Men 100 Meter Dash Masters
Saturday 4/19/2014 – 12:50 PM
Meet Record: 11.76 4/20/2013 Johnny Speed
HS Meet Rec: 11.76 4/20/2013 Johnny Speed
Name Team Seed Time
1 Willie Gault Hudson Smith Int
2 Hiroaki Akabori Japan
3 Ron Crockem Unattached
4 Damien Leak Unattached
5 Matt Walker Trojan Maste
6 J Smith Unattached
7 dominic quiller Unattached
8 kenneth wright Unattached
9 Malik Muhammad Unattached
10 Kevin Biggers USC Trojan m
11 Rod Plimmer New Zealand
12 Mauricio Martin Unattached
13 Philip Hill Unattached

Event 519 Women 100 Meter Dash Masters
Saturday 4/19/2014 – 12:55 PM
Name Team Seed Time
1 Cassandra Sidner Unattached
2 Joy Upshaw Jackrabits TC
3 Debbie Hoffman Athena TC
4 Brenda Matthews So. Cal Striders
5 Kathy Bergen Striders
6 Lois Allen Boise River

Event 518 Men 800 Meter Run Masters
Saturday 4/19/2014 – 4:40 PM
Name Team Seed Time
1 Brian Sax Unattached
2 Art Siemers BoulderRC/ad
3 Rafer Weaver Track West
4 Michael Smith Unattached
5 Ray Knerr Cal Coast
6 baokim coleman Trojans Mast

Event 514 Men Hammer Throw Open Masters
Saturday 4/19/2014 – 9:00 AM
Meet Record: 53.64m 4/20/2013 Larry Hart
HS Meet Rec: 53.64m 4/20/2013 Larry Hart
Name Team Seed Mark
1 John Ryer AZ Desert Th
2 Michael Venning Unattached
3 Larry Hart Unattached
4 David Bickel AZ Desert Th
5 Richard Watson Arizona Dese
6 Jerry Harwood Unattached

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April 13, 2014

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  1. Sam Hall - April 16, 2014

    Wille,Welcome back to masters track,We missed you!!
    It was great meeting you in Sacramento in 2011,I like to thank you again for taking a picture with me
    and my granddaughter.Good luck on Sat.And Congrats
    goes out to you and your new bride.

  2. Ken Stone - April 16, 2014

    Willie Gault says he’s still faster, at 53, than all but a dozen NFL players:

  3. Ken Stone - April 16, 2014

    The original Willie quotes are here:

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