Free gym memberships for some under Silver Sneakers deal

Seattle’s Jessica Seyfert contacted me before 2010 Sacramento nationals, and I met her at the meet. Now she’s working for another outfit and wrote me again last week. Happy to oblige her on this promotion. Jessica writes: “As competitive athletes, most of us make our way to the local gym to train and crosstrain for our events. Between gym costs and event-traveling costs — the dollars start to add up fast. A friend of mine, whom I met a few years back, was working with a group, capturing stories of masters athletes. We started talking about SilverSneakers — essentially a free gym membership offered by some health plans to their 65+ population. Apparently 1 in 5 people age 65 and older are eligible to take advantage of this benefit. I admit: I thought this was a program of exercise classes for frail ‘old’ people, not us! However, it actually boils down to a free gym membership. Average monthly gym expenses can be anywhere from $20 -$100. That could equate to $1,200 a year. On the subject of saving money to do the activities we love, for those who are eligible, this should be music to your ears.”

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April 15, 2014

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  1. steven bowles - April 15, 2014

    My wife and I have used Silver Sneakers since 2006 . Our gyms are 24Hour Fitness in Vegas Valley . These clubs have weight machines ,free weights ,sauna ,pool, high speed tread mills ,ellipticals ,stair climbers and more . All for free thru Humana Gold Medicare Advantage . Its a great del for us.

  2. Susie - April 16, 2014

    Great deal for me too — finally can go to the gym whenever I want!

  3. Christel Donley - April 16, 2014

    Being members – AARP, we can use the YMCA as Silver Sneakers – everything is available and FREE.

    Great way to ignore the weather – in Colorado.

  4. Mary Harada - April 17, 2014

    nothing free within reasonable driving distance for me – I continue to use Planet Fitness – $10.month – $100 back from my health insurance company if I jump through enough hoops to make it worthwhile. Planet Fitness is better than nothing but not by much. Given the weather here – I am not willing to drive 20-30 miles to a gym when I can drive just 5 miles to the purple people place.

  5. Jessica - April 17, 2014

    Very cool to see that people are using their free gym membership benefit. Might as well save a few $$!

    Mary, did you check to see if you’re eligible?

    If you are, you can see if there might be a location near you:

    Hope that helps!

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