Injuries are but speed bumps to Larry LaGesse, Sue McCarthy

Sue 50? Someone check her ID.

Local papers have done nice stories on M65 multi-eventer Larry LaGesse and W50 sprinter Sue McCarthy, who live in Illinois and Maine, respectively. I like how they deal with injuries. Larry says: “I have to mention the people at Accel Rehabilitation in Bourbonnais. I was fighting a pulled left quad muscle and (therapist) Jarek Mategewski showed me how to stretch it out at home and prevent more training delays.” Sue says: ““I have a better understanding of what my body is doing and what I’m capable of. You have to be aware that you just can’t run through injuries. You have to stop and take care of it.” So what’s your philosophy? Injuries inevitable? Avoid at all costs? Or grin and bear ’em?

Larry is like all masters, right? Training with a pit in the back yard, of course.

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April 19, 2014

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