Next great masters beer miler? First sub-5’er has viral video

At age 34, James Nielsen made history Sunday by becoming the first beer miler to go sub-5. So when he turns 35, I’m sure he’ll have the potential to becomes the greatest masters beer miler in history. I wrote about James’ feat on Times of San Diego. Back in 2007, I posted Dave Clingan’s hilarious essay on his M50 beer mile record attempt. (He clocked 7:58 and missed the WR by 12 seconds.) So a beer mile in 4:57 by James at 34 is incredible. Anyone else try this event? (Spoiler alert: World Masters Athletics and USATF have no listed records. The upside is ratification is easier.)

James Nielsen sat for an interview before his historic sub-5 beer mile.

James Nielsen sat for an interview before his historic sub-5 beer mile.

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April 30, 2014

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  1. Matt B. - April 30, 2014

    M50 -Grandmaster is 6:51
    Tony Young now ranks 4th.
    The oldest finisher was 102! 22:57

    I’m interested in the Vodka 2 mile one shot for each lap.
    Maybe Barton wants to take a shot at the vodka Steeplechase. 12:04

  2. Matt B. - April 30, 2014
    10:25.91 – Vodka 2 mile

  3. Nolan Shaheed - April 30, 2014

    Wow!!! sounds pretty incredible! I wouldn’t even try that.
    I would challenge him, however, to a mile race where he has to drink the beer during the race, and I would have nothing to eat for 25 hours prior to the race but a glass of orange juice 20 minutes before the start.

  4. ncberra - May 1, 2014

    I am immediately refocusing my training…

  5. Levasseur - May 1, 2014

    We can ask to add this event to next Master in order to be able to beat you.

  6. Eric Fahlgren - May 1, 2014

    Re Nolan’s challenge: I for one would pay real money to see two world record holders pace forth in a Feast vs Fast showdown. (Not much, though. :) )

  7. ToNy yOuNg - May 10, 2014

    That was a fun race. The group actually went out for beers afterwards. Training for a sub 7:00 attempt! :)

  8. Kelly - May 11, 2014

    I’ve seen a video of Tony’s race (It’s hilarious, perhaps unintentionally so, but still very funny). I understand that there is still a rumor that one of Tony’s beers wasn’t quite finished 😉 so I’m sure that there is a rematch planned. No way would I ever do such a thing, but spectating might be interesting. I hear that it’s all in the belching technique. 😉

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