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Clarence Hartley dies at 84; runner dominated Georgia records

Atlanta Track Club members are mourning the death May 26 of Clarence Hartley, who was days shy of turning 85. “He holds most of the running records in all the age divisions of 70 and above in the State of Georgia, as well as age-group records in several other states,” writes Don Burkett. “He was […]

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Fred Adams dies at 88; ‘colorful’ thrower at Texas masters meets

Seth Brower informs us of the passing of Fred Adams, “a colorful participant at many of the local meets over the years.” Seth posted an obituary on his website. It notes that Fred was a founding member of Waterloo Track and Field Club who won a “Special Award and Recognition” from the club in 2008. […]

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Journalism student’s video focuses on Senior Olympics (and me)

A few months back, I began corresponding with Julia Perez, a journalism student at San Diego State University. Her multimedia project was the San Diego Senior Olympics. She needed a subject. Tag, I’m it. With a photographer friend, she met me at my regular training venue, Cuyamaca College, in Rancho San Diego (east of San […]

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M60 thrower Lee Fugal claims Highland Games WR in sheaf toss

M60 thrower Lee Fugal isn’t a world-beater on the masters track circuit. But he’s a world record holder on another — Highland Games. As a newspaper in Twin Falls, Idaho, tells it, “Lee Fugal of Utah broke the Scottish Highland Games world record in the senior master category (age 60 and older) when he threw […]

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Deadlines loom for big meets on Left and Right coasts: SoCal, NYC

Two big SoCal meets and a shiny new one in New York City are on the horizon. Today I learned of the NYC Track & Field Invitational on Sunday, July 6, at St. John’s University. A USATF-sanctioned event, it has open, youth and masters sections in many events and medals to top 6. Meanwhile, the […]

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W45 sprinter Colleen Barney, back in the game, featured in video

Colleen Barney of Southern California is a Super Mom and certified Super Lawyer. But she has her priorities straight — family first (especially her two talented daughters), then work and masters sprinting. She’s been on and off our circuit after winning the W35 world 100-meter title at Puerto Rico in 2003. But this season she […]

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Is my blog a credible source? Nitpicker posts gripe on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a strange world. It’s a fantastic (albeit flawed) resource. But when you get into the weeds, you sense its high school drama queen vibe. Latest example is a little debate about some site called Andy Hecker, who heroically maintains the masters world records page, writes: “The validity of is currently being […]

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Randy Sturgeon coaches track while battling back from cancer

Former National Masters News publisher Randy Sturgeon, recovering from cancer that began in his neck, reported progress this week on his Facebook page. He wrote: “Monday I met with a second medical oncologist at Kaiser and after that my regular oncologist. First off as the radiology oncologist said the cancer is noncurable, if you define […]

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Navajo and Cheyenne beat us to it: Masters track in America

In the March issue of Running Times, Roger Robinson has a neat little history lesson on masters running. He mentions the 1930s British debut of the Veterans Athletic Club and David Pain’s emergence in the 1960s, of course. But I learned something new! “Some cultures accepted it as natural to stay active,” Roger writes. “The […]

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New WMA drug czar reports: No positive tests at Budapest

Steve Peters of Britain, the M60 sprint superstar and Shrink to Olympic and World Cup Stars, has a new gig. He’s chairman of the WMA Anti-Doping and Medical Committee, replacing Darth Vader himself: Dieter Massin of Germany. As such, he reports results of drug-testing at worlds. Steve reports on the WMA site: “Following a very […]

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