No entries yet for masters exhibitions at USATF open nationals

Quarter-miler Robert Thomas reminds me that the deadline for entering the masters invitational events at USATF open nationals is June 15. And no wonder for the heads up. Nobody has entered. “The men’s event is the 400M hurdle with a qualifying time of 1:05.00. and the women’s event is the 100m dash with a qualifying time of 13.50,” Robert graciously writes. “This years championship will be held at Sacramento State University [with the masters exhibitions] Saturday, June 28th. Info can be found [here] on the USATF website under the 2014 USATF Masters Invitational Program.” Speaking of hurdlers, check out the latest masters trackster featured in Faces in the Crowd. Sports Illustrated ain’t what she used to be (as far as track coverage), but we’re still honored to be in the pages. Congrats to M45 star Derek Pye!

Derek joins at least seven other masters in SI's Faces in the Crowd feature.

Derek joins at least seven other masters in SI’s Faces in the Crowd feature.

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May 2, 2014

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  1. Mark Cleary - May 4, 2014

    Yes entries are open. I have had a great deal of interest in the 400 Hurdles. Hoping that guys like Brad Ditmar, Marcus Santi, Darnell Gatling, Laurent Birade, Blair Desio, Michael Jackson & Lyndell Pittman have this event on their list for the season. It will be a first time for this event. It is common for Masters athletes to wait until the last minute. I would ask that the athletes for this event no wait. If you would like future hurdle events to be part of the program it is crucial that you support the event On the women’s side hoping to get Latricia Dendy, Monica Brant, Tocatta Murphy, Joy Upshaw, Dena Birade just to name a few.

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