M70 Larry Barnum fought through pain, illness to Budapest gold

World champ Larry at Budapest.

Larry Barnum didn’t make a comeback at Budapest worlds (as I’ve suggested), since he’s never been away. But he certainly overcame a lot to win the M70 400 by nearly 3.5 seconds. Recently, National Masters News columnist Cathy Utzschneider shared a link to a boffo story she wrote about Larry in Running Times. See it here. “He was a great story — a great man, as [wife] Carmel is a terrific woman,” Cathy wrote me. “I’ve also just finished a book for serious competitive masters runners called “Mastering Running: The Never Ending Pursuit” (Human Kinetics and a notice is on Amazon) — it’s coming out at the end of June. It focuses on training for the mile to the marathon for runners 35 plus.” If the book is even half as revelatory as her Larry profile, it will be a smash. Congrats to both. And look for my own profile of Larry in the next issue of NMN (making up for the fact I left him out of my Budapest roundup in the May issue.)
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May 7, 2014

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  1. Cathy Utzschneider - May 7, 2014

    You are kind, Ken. Larry is a terrific subject, not only as a world-class competitor but also as a narrator about his own experience. He tells his experience with humor and clear detail. Thank you.

  2. Marcus battle - May 8, 2014

    Hey bob koontz over came cancer and heart surgery
    To win 3 golds in Boston
    It’s hard at 70

  3. James Chinn - May 8, 2014

    Larry is incredible.

  4. marie Kay - May 12, 2014

    I am always in awe of this great man… it was a great race and i was grateful to be there to witness it.

  5. Roger Pierce - May 19, 2014

    Larry my friend…..It has been an honor to compete against you over the years. Your tenacity and humor make for a great time when ever we compete. Great races this past year even though you have been fighting injuries. I will join you in 70’s this October…Can’t wait..

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