South African masters nationals had hot marks in April champs

The South African Masters Athletics outdoor championships were April 25-26 at the Royal Bafokeng Sports Palace in in the northeast city of Rustenburg. And thanks to the wonders of age-grading, I can pick out the top marks at glance. (Anything over 90 percent is great.) See results here. Liz Ruickbie, 67, was impressive in the 5K and 10K, clocking 22:43.00 and 44:50.18, respectively. The listed W65 world age-group records are 20:13.23 and 41:40.27, both by Britain’s Angela Copson. And M80 Ron Cross ran the deuce in 32.56, which would make me sweat if in the next lane.

Great looking place for a masters meet. Safrica did the masters justice.

Here are real and age-graded equivalent marks in various events:

100: Ungerer, Toy W68 SWD 15.48 NWI 11.45 91.67%

100: Tlapu, Bobie M57 Athletics Gauten 12.47 NWI 10.77 90.94%

100: Cross, Ron M80 Western Province 15.31 NWI 10.56 92.75%

100: Schoeman, Adri W43 Athletics Gauten 11.94 NWI 11.40 92.04%

200: Schoeman, Adri W43 Athletics Gauten 24.46 NWI 23.08 92.48%

200: Tlapu, Bobie M57 Athletics Gauten 25.40 NWI 21.15 91.38%

200: Cross, Ron M80 Western Province 32.56 NWI 20.70 93.37%

5000: Ruickbie, Liz W67 CGA 22:43.00 15:50.02 91.02%

10,000: Ruickbie, Liz W67 CGA 44:50.18 31:35.24 95.03%

M40 110 Short Hurdles
Name Age Team Seed Finals Wind Age-Grading
1 Lombardo, Xavier M40 France 14.41 NWI 13.78 93.68%
2 Bownes, Shaun M43 Athletics Gauten 14.44 NWI 13.81 93.49%

300H: Van Rooyen, Madelene W51 Athletics Gauten 50.17 58.06 90.15%

3K Steeple: Schoeman, At M57 Eastern Province 10:01.24 8:02.50 98.16%

High jump: Miekautsch, Hans M76 CGA 1.37m 2.29m 93.84%

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May 8, 2014

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  1. Anthony Treacher - May 9, 2014

    Ken. Age-performance% is very instructive. I think the organizers have used the Howard-Grubb AGT calculator but strictly on the 5-year bondaries (i.e. 40 for age 43)? What AGT should officially be used? Should the results be caculated for actual age (i.e. 43 for 40 age group). It makes a big difference.

    Incidentally, are the South African championships open to non-resident foreigners?

  2. Ken stone - May 9, 2014

    Yeah, I don’t know which AGT version was used. But Frenchman won hurdles, so furriiners are allowed.

  3. Klimmer, Hellmuth / Germany - May 10, 2014

    Dieser “Vorstoß” der Südafrikaner zur Verdeutlichung des wirklichen Niveaus von Senioren-Leistungen war längst nötig!
    Danke an die Verantwortlichen! Damit sorgen sie für eine objektive Bewertung der bei einer (1) Veranstaltung, unter gleichen Bedingungen, erzielten Ergebnisse über a l l e Altersklassen hinweg, und n u r s o ist der wirklich Beste zu erkennen.

    (Es bedarf wahrscheinlich in Zukunft aber einer weiteren Verbesserung der Altersklassenfaktoren der WMA [n. REHPENNING / GER.] in den hohen AK der Frauen, damit die Bewertung auch hier korrekt wird.)

    Hellmuth K l i m m e r / Halle (GER.)

  4. Anthony Treacher - May 10, 2014

    Yupp. I also see other foreigners. Good. I have never been to South Africa. You never know…

    Incidentally Ken are you still glancing at/comparing yourself with the results of older masters sprinters? What for instance is your latest offer for a 200m?

  5. Ken Stone - May 10, 2014

    Here’s a rough translation from the German above:

    This “push” the South Africans to illustrate the real levels of senior services had long needed!

    Thank you to those responsible! Thus, they provide an objective assessment of in one (1) event, under the same conditions, the results obtained over all ages of time, and nurso is to recognize the really best.

    (Probably is needed in the future, but a further improvement in the age group of factors WMA [n REHPENNING / GER.] In the high AK of women so that the assessment is correct here as well.)

  6. Anthony Treacher - May 11, 2014

    Ken. Never post unintelligible English.

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