More than 130 are underwriting world masters rankings site

John’s oyster.

John Seto is sizzling. His self-serve masters rankings (aka seasonal lists) are taking over the world. And his fan base is growing as well, with close to 140 athletes listed as donors. One M55 sprinter, Mark Davis, has kicked in at least $500. John’s site also pledges planned improvements, including age-graded rankings and converted times (1600 meter to 1500, for example). In a recent status report on Facebook, John wrote; “Between athlete submissions for 2013 and 2014 (about 12,000) and results I’ve imported, there are over 129,000 results in the rankings. … I will be working on importing meet results from South Africa, Costa Rica, Australia, Spain, Hungary, France, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Italy, Ukraine, New Zealand (and USA). … You can keep up with what is being imported by looking at the Facebook page where I post most of the import activities.” Not bad for only three months of work.

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May 18, 2014

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  1. Anthony Treacher - May 21, 2014

    Not bad at all. I am a very willing contributor.

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