New WMA drug czar reports: No positive tests at Budapest

Confidence back with Steve at helm.

Confidence back with Steve at helm.

Steve Peters of Britain, the M60 sprint superstar and Shrink to Olympic and World Cup Stars, has a new gig. He’s chairman of the WMA Anti-Doping and Medical Committee, replacing Darth Vader himself: Dieter Massin of Germany. As such, he reports results of drug-testing at worlds. Steve reports on the WMA site: “Following a very successful championships in Budapest I am very pleased to say that the WMA Anti-Doping tests that were carried out were all concluded without any adverse finding. WMA made more tests than usual at the championships and it would seem that the message on anti- doping is being adhered to by athletes and long may this continue. We also undertook some tests for EPO and will continue to be vigilant in the future. The tests were spread across all age groups and disciplines and all athletes called for testing were compliant. Thank you for those involved for your co-operation.”

Since the new job was news to me, I sent Steve some queries. He graciously responded. How did you got the assignment?

Steve Peters: I was approached by the management team of WMA to consider taking the post.

Did you replace Dieter Massin, or someone else?
I spoke with Dieter and he was very supportive. He wanted to have more down time and although he was doing an excellent job he felt it was time to step down. He has been very supportive to me.

Why were you chosen?  Did you volunteer?

I am not sure why I was chosen specifically. I have been a member of the TUE process on panels in the UK for the last 10 years in assessing TUEs for elite athletes. I have also acted as an expert assessor for WADA. I work as a doctor full time in elite sport and have been involved with around 15 Olympic teams and other non-Olympic sports, so perhaps this expertise was thought to be helpful.

How will you perform the chairman’s job differently from Dieter or others?

I am finding my way. There is a great team with a wealth of experience so I need to listen and then work as part of that team.

Are you now in charge of approving TUE applications?

I have overall responsibility, but another doctor volunteered to head this up. Dr. Martine Prevost has already performed the role really well at the last indoors.

Are you getting paid to be committee chair? Or at least a stipend?

No, there is no money involved or stipend. This was at my request as I feel it is a good way of giving back to the sport. Also, as I hope to continue to compete, it would not be right.

When did you start as chairman?

Last year.

Are you satisfied with the fairness of WMA anti-doping rules?  

Along with the team, we will be constantly reviewing the way things work.

See any room for improvement on WMA anti-doping rules?

There will always be reviews. The purpose is to ensure that fairness is implemented across the sport and that athletes and managers find the rules and procedures helpful.

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May 23, 2014

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  1. Matt B. - May 23, 2014

    Did they test for Xenon gas?

  2. Rick Riddle - May 24, 2014

    Thank you Dr. Peters for assuming a challenging unpaid role on behalf of our sport. Good wishes for your success, and long tenure.

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