Vaulters Isett, Ritte resume their WR rampages outdoors in 2014

Bax Berle, 15, celebrates as Don clears 3.20 WR; Bax is son of vaulter Dolf Berle.

Bax Berle, 15, celebrates as Don clears 3.20 WR; Bax is son of vaulter Dolf Berle.

In his M75 debut, Don Isett of Texas raised the world age-group record twice Saturday, jumping 2.95 (9-8) and then clearing a WR 3.08 (10-1 1/4) and finally 3.20 meters (10-6). He competed at the USATF Southwest Association Masters & Open Track and Field Championship at St Mark’s School in Dallas, and “application was filed for a world record by certified USATF officials,” I’m told. (Still awaiting official results.) The listed M75 WR is 3.00 (9-10) by Bud Held in 2006. On Sunday, German vault legend Wolfgang Ritte set an M60 WR in the decathlon, according to press and friend reports. He scored 8123 points to nip the listed WR of 8107 by countryman Rolf Geese at 2005 San Sebastian worlds. Rolf reportedly witnessed the new record.

Here’s the German report I got, plus the rough Google translation:

Subject: Re: Wolfgang Ritte breaks World Decathlon Record

Geschrieben von Axel Hermanns (Stendal/Krefeld, 01. Juni 2014) Es sah bei Halbzeit noch so aus, als würde Stabhochsprung-Überflieger Wolfgang Ritte (*1953) vom SC Bayer 05 Uerdingen beim Stendaler Hanse Cup den Weltrekord im Zehnkampf der M 60 (8.107 Punkte) im Beisein des Rekord-Inhabers Rolf Geese (*1944) von der LG Göttingen nach allen Regeln seiner sich nicht auf den Glasfieberstab beschränkenden Kunst pulverisieren. Doch es wurde heute zum Abschluss des Zwei-Tage-Werks bei der Krone der Vielseitigkeit noch einmal knapp. Extrem knapp. Der satte, scheinbar nicht mehr verspielbare Vorsprung nach neun Disziplinen schmolz beim ultimativ letzten Wettbewerb, dem 1.500-m-Lauf, der blanke Horror für fast alle „Könige der Athleten“, dahin wie Butter in der Stendaler Abendsonne. Der Mann, dessen Initialen WR (= World Record) für Qualität bürgen, rettete noch 16 Punkte ins Ziel, verbuchte mit 8.123 Zählern einen neuen Weltrekord. Übrigens sein 39. nach zuvor 38 in verschiedenen Altersklassen in seiner Paradedisziplin. Der „Einbruch“ auf den 3 ¾ Stadionrunden im Jogger-Tempo von 7:06,64 Minuten war freilich vorprogrammiert. Ritte verfügt über ein Defizit an roten Blutkörperchen und gerät deshalb bei Ausdauerleistungen sehr frühzeitig in eine Sauerstoffschuld. Phänomenal, wie schon gestern das Kugelstoßen, der heutige Diskuswurf von 38,74 m. Allein im Speerwurf schwächelte er mit 35,98 m unprogrammgemäß. Dazu gesellten sich zum Auftakt 15,33 sec. über 100 m Hürden und 4,00 m im Stabhochsprung. Geeses Leistungen an Tag zwei im Vergleich in der richtigen Reihenfolge: 100 m H 15,77 sec., Diskus 39,84 m, Stab 3,40 m, Speer 37,18 m, 1.500 m 5:33,42.

Don posed with Jenn Suhr, also a vaulter of note, a few years ago.

Posted by Axel Hermann ( Stendal / Krefeld , June 01, 2014) It looked at half time yet as if pole vault flyer Wolfgang Advances ( * 1953 ) from SC Bayer 05 Uerdingen at Stendal Hanse Cup the world record in the decathlon of M 60 ( in the presence of the record – holder Rolf Geese (1944 ) pulverize 8,107 points) of the LG Göttingen according to the rules of his not limiting on the fiberglass rod art. But it was today at the conclusion of the two-day plant at the crown of the versatility once again scarce. Extremely scarce. The rich , seemingly no longer verspielbare lead after nine disciplines melted the ultimate last competition , the 1,500 – meter race , the sheer horror for almost all ” kings of the athletes,” then, like butter in the Stendal evening sun. The man, whose initials WR ( = World Record) vouch for quality , saved 16 points finish , recorded with 8,123 meters set a new world record . By the way, his 39 after previously 38 . Different age classes in his best discipline The ” break-in ” on the 3 ¾ stadium laps in joggers pace of 7:06,64 minutes was certainly inevitable. Rides has a deficit of red blood cells and therefore gets in endurance performance very early in an oxygen debt . Phenomenal , as yesterday , the shot put , today’s discus throw of 38.74 m. Alone in the javelin he faltered unprogrammgemäß with 35,98 m. These were joined at the start of 15.33 seconds over 100 meters hurdles and 4.00m in the pole vault . Geeses benefits on day two compared in the correct order : 100 m H 15.77 sec , discus 39.84 m, stick 3,40 m , javelin 37.18 m, 1500 m 5:33,42

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June 2, 2014

7 Responses

  1. Tom Phillips - June 2, 2014

    “8123 pints”, eh Ken? That’s some day out!

  2. pino pilotto - June 2, 2014

    Tom, wma-iaaf-rules: 1 point = 1 pint!
    pino pilotto (not even 6000 pints in 2012, bah)

  3. Ken Stone - June 2, 2014

    According to Ken Stone rules, I’m allowed one typo per post. (They generate the best comments on my blog!)

  4. wayne bennett - June 2, 2014

    Don certainly deserves this record. For various reasons he has had several vaults turned down for no good reason. Maybe we need a petition to make sure this gets accepted or know the reason why. He is quite an athlete and deserves the recognition.

  5. Weia Reinboud - June 3, 2014

    Results of the Standal meet can be found here:
    But beware! The result programm used does not yet have the new age gradings system 2014 and so Wolfgang’s points are 8096 in stead of 8123 as the results say. But the old record of Rolf Geese has to be recalculated too, it should be 8079 in stead of 8107.

    More mess: WMA has the correct new gradings in their ‘appendix A-K’ file but the old ones in their file with combined events gradings! And the records on the WMA site are not yet recalculated (as is the case on wikipedia).
    To sum up the new gradings in heptahlon and decathlon: javelin women 60-74, hurdles men 35-69 and shot put men 70-110.

    It was nice to see Wolfgang jump over 4.00, I had not yet met him in real life. (I did my first multi since 2003 and was especially glad with a height of 1.41 and a javelin throw of 30.02 with the new weight.)

  6. Paul Oakes - June 3, 2014

    Re: Weia Reinboud comment of June 3, 2014
    Am I the only one who is unaware of amendment to age grading tables?
    A number of supplementary questions come to mind: When was this proposed and adopted?
    Have WMA communicated these changes, if not who is responsible for communicating them?
    Can a link to the revised tables be provided so that this can be brought to the attention of a wider audience?

  7. Weia Reinboud - June 3, 2014

    These things have been decided in Porto Alegre last year. It has been communicated to all countries in january (it seems) but messages often do not come trough to the persons who need to know it. I learned the weight change via this site, several throwers in Budapest did not yet know when they came to the indoor worlds! And the German and Dutch result programs do not yet contain the right gradings. Etcetera.

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