Irie Hill clears W45 world vault record to crack 3-way deadlock

Irie went 3.60 in Switzerland.

Irie went 3.60 in Switzerland. Now owns 2 WRs.

In a WMA rarity, three women are listed as world record holders in the W45 vault. All went 3.50 meters (11-5 3/4) between 2002 and 2006. They are Aussie Dawn Hartigan, Italian Carla Forcellini and Holland’s Brigitte van de Kamp. So it’s appropriate it took Irie Hill of Britain three meets this season to up the record to 3.60 (11-9 3/4). Her first try was at the Rolf-Watter-Memorial meeting in Regensburg (Germany) on May 17, but it “was unfortunately marred by bouts of spitting rain,” she writes, forcing Irie to stay on her short 10-stride run-up. She managed 3.40m for second place. On June 18, Irie competed at the Chrummen meet in the Swiss town of Freienbach. “Just getting used to a longer approach,” she says, she won but still at 3.40. Then on June 25, at Thun (Switzerland), she cleared 3.60 on her first try at the opening height at Lachen Stadion. (See results here.) She says she struggled with a headwind during warmup and saw no point in opening the competition lower. “After a 5-hour drive, I’m more than pleased with the result,” she writes. “I’m also looking forward to using longer poles, should the conditions at my next competition permit it.” I suspect the mark will be ratified. (Irie wouldn’t travel so far not to make sure the meet was kosher.) Kudos on breaking a three-way tie, Irie, who now owns both the indoor and outdoor W45 record. (She went 3.55 at Budapest.)

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June 28, 2014

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  1. Michcael Daniels - June 28, 2014

    Ken. You wrote when it rained it forced her to use a 10 stride approach. Would that be pole vaulters 10 lefts or 10 rights? Or are we talking 5 lefts or 5 rights. Just for clarity, I coach pole vaulting.

  2. Irie - June 29, 2014

    Hello Mr Daniels!
    I jumped of 5 lefts which is 10 steps. My “usual” run-up as a master is 6 lefts. The older us vaulters get, the shorter the run-up and the poles:)

  3. Michcael Daniels - July 1, 2014

    Thanks Irie
    When I first started coaching pole vault about 4 years ago, I was a new coach from when I first started vaulting in junior high only once. We just ran and jumped. We had a Metal pole into a sawdust box, back in the late 50’s.

    My first day coaching with athletes who had been vaulting with the former coach, asked me how many left steps they should use. Where they should hold the pole and all kinds of questions I never heard of until I finished taking the Certified pole vault coaching course. Both of my top boy’s and girl’s vaulters finished the season with the school record of 12’7″ and 9′-6″. I started back vaulting also at age 62 I am now 65 and still learning to get confidence into the 10 foot range, if I am young enough to get there. I use 5 lefts. I tried 7 but that was to far. My best is 8′-6″ this year. The secrete for me will be in the weight room and building the body. Thanks.

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