Gatling and Upshaw wins masters exhibitions at USA nationals

Colleen Barney shows off snazzy medal from 100 exhibition at open nationals.

Colleen Barney shows off snazzy medal from 100 exhibition at open nationals.

American record-holder Darnell Gatling is 54, but he tackled the 36-inch hurdles Saturday (instead of his age group’s 33-inch barriers) when he won the masters exhibition in the 400s at the USA national track championships at Sacramento State. His time of 61.61 was almost exactly the same mark as mine in the 300s at almost the same morning hour at the Chuck McMahon meet in San Marcos, California. (See photos here). (And I ran the 30-inch sticks). Amazing. Darnell posted on Facebook: “Thank you all for your blessings and moral support. Over 5 years since I ran over 36-inch hurdles. The Lord lifted me and He never felled me yet. It wasn’t easy, but I have the gold.” Second place, and only a step behind, went to California legend Peter Grimes, whose 61.95 was possibly more impressive. He’s 55. Third was 51-year-old Kerry Sloan in 67.10. Too bad they weren’t allowed to run the 33-inchers. A record might have been produced. Too bad the trio were the only entrants and lanes were left naked. Same for the women’s 100, won by 53-year-old Joy Upshaw in 13.25. Only four in that race. Sigh. But special thanks to Diane Pomeroy, who traveled from Massachusetts for the event.

Results of the masters women’s 100 exhibition at Sacramento:

1 Joy Upshaw 13.25 +1.7
2 La Shon Nedd-Johnson 13.71 +1.7
3 Colleen Barney 13.73 +1.7
4 Diane Pomeroy 14.26 +1.7

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June 29, 2014

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  1. Ken Stone - June 29, 2014

    Methinks video of the masters races are posted somewhere on USATF site, but I haven’t had time to look. Anyone have a link?

    Sacto is site of the 2010 nationals and 2011 worlds, BTW, but latest meet was run on new Mondo track.

  2. ed rose - June 29, 2014

    Ken, nice set of pictures at Chuck’s meet. Would you have any others of the mens 200M? The one on the site has me just outside of your frame, I was in lane 8 and you cropped me out.

  3. Sully - June 29, 2014

    Great job Darnell and Joy …..You are two tough athletes…..

  4. Sully - June 29, 2014

    I meant to add my niece, Maggie Sullivan, you met her in Maryland at indoor nationals I think two years ago, just recently won the new balance invite 400 hurdles, emerging elite group. She is a just graduating from High School….She won and ran a 60.48 – meet record and she will be attending William and Mary next fall.
    By the way it was the first time she had ever run the 400 hurdles ! Crazy huh! –Girls High School long hurdles are 300 meters. — You also inspired her!!!
    Mike Sullivan

  5. Henry - July 2, 2014

    Nice pix, including your fan picture! You gave it your all, including nifty stutter steps and soun effects! you’re off and running for your 7th decade. Inspired & inspiring that you’d tackle the hurdles, Ken.

  6. Sid Howard - July 6, 2014

    Congrats to 2 beautiful people & atheletes
    Joy & Darnell

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