Schedule for 10K at masters nationals still in flux? Clarity needed

OK, now we’re really confused. After posting the “final schedule” for North Carolina nationals, USATF has published a new sked, dated July 5, that contradicts a comment by national masters Chairman Gary Snyder. That same day, Gary wrote: “The posted schedule is in error. ALL 10k events are on THURSDAY July 17th at 7:30 AM.” I assumed he was referring to the first posted sked of July 2. But the latest schedule shows “W30-84 10000 Meter Run Finals” and “M70-84 10000 Meter Run Finals” on Thursday, “M30-59 10000 Meter Run Finals” on Friday and “M60-69 10000 Meter Run Finals” on Saturday. Under the latest scenario, “Thursday will begin at 7:30 a.m. with a monster 10,000 run of 32 people, including women of all ages plus the men 70+,” a friend writes. The situation is ironic in that many of the best 10K masters runners bypass track nationals since their main season is winter and spring, where club XC nationals and road runs/spring open meets command their attention. The elites tend to rest during the late summer. We hope this matter gets resolved soon.

Start of race at 2010 Sacramento nationals. (Anyone see themselves?)

Here’s the schedule for 5K and 10K at masters nationals as of July 5 posting:

Session: 2 Thursday Track

7:30 AM #121 W30-84 10000 Meter Run Finals
7:30 AM #628 M70-84 10000 Meter Run Finals

Session: 4 Friday Track

7:30 AM #621 M30-59 10000 Meter Run Finals
8:15 AM #609 M85-94 5000 Meter Run Finals
8:15 AM #104 W55-79 5000 Meter Run Finals
8:55 AM #608 M70-84 5000 Meter Run Finals
9:35 AM #100 W30-54 5000 Meter Run Finals

Session: 6 Saturday Track

7:30 AM #627 M60-69 10000 Meter Run Finals
8:20 AM #605 M50-59 5000 Meter Run Finals

Session: 9 Sunday Track

8:00 AM #601 M30-49 5000 Meter Run Finals

Here are entrants in the 10K as of July 6:

30-34 Men 10000m
Name Affiliation Mark Notes
Justin Bishop Team Utopia South 33:43.00

35-39 Men 10000m
Name Affiliation Mark Notes
Aaron Totten-Lancaster Atlanta Track Club
Nick Whited 35:36.00
Colin Young 33:00.00

35-39 Women 10000m
Name Affiliation Mark Notes
Lesha Sabio Twin City Track Club 42:00.00

40-44 Men 10000m
Name Affiliation Mark Notes
Bryan Glass Springfield Road Runners Club NT
Kareem Lanier TNT International Racing Club NT

40-44 Women 10000m
Name Affiliation Mark Notes
Caroline Bjune Boston Athletic Association 37:30.00
Sonja Friend-Uhl Atlanta Track Club 37:59.99

45-49 Men 10000m
Name Affiliation Mark Notes
Francis Burdett Greater Springfield Harriers, Inc 33:30.00
Mike McManus 32:30.00
Tim Meigs Carolina Godiva Track Club 33:50.00
Brian Schmidt Luke’s Locker Incorporated 35:00.00
Eugene Tung Greater Philadelphia TC 38:00.00
Matthew Whitis Atlanta Track Club NT

45-49 Women 10000m
Name Affiliation Mark Notes
Shawn Greer Piedmont Pacers Track Club 47:00.00 need DOB docs
Wendy Mastripolito Philadelphia Masters 48:00.00
Christine Reaser So Cal Track Club 39:36.00
Stephanie Timmer
Jill Vollweiler So Cal Track Club

50-54 Men 10000m
Name Affiliation Mark Notes
Spyros Barres Mohegan Striders 34:30.00
Ruben Henderson Jr Playmakers Elite/New Balance 35:15.00
Tim Lambrecht Playmakers Elite/New Balance 37:09.00
Jeffrey Mires NT
Paul Mistor Twin City Track Club 41:00.00 need DOB docs
Ted Poulos Potomac Valley Track Club 39:25.03
Jim Sery South Jersey Athletic Club 35:48.40
Andrew Shearer Greater Philadelphia TC NT
Rick Torres 37:07.00

50-54 Women 10000m
Name Affiliation Mark Notes
Rosalva Bonilla So Cal Track Club NT
Tracy Meyers Team Utopia South 42:38.00

55-59 Men 10000m
Name Affiliation Mark Notes
Michael Bailey Capital City Striders, Inc.
Christopher Bloch
Mark Cleary So Cal Track Club
Pete Gibson Colonial Road Runners
Brian Nelson So Cal Track Club 38:26.00
Timothy Riccardi Syracuse Track Club 38:35.00
Basil Scott II So Cal Track Club 38:36.70
Dan Smithhisler NT

55-59 Women 10000m
Name Affiliation Mark Notes
Lesley Chaplin Atlanta Track Club
Patrice Combs Atlanta Track Club
Debbie Lee So Cal Track Club 43:45.25
Cynthia Williams Atlanta Track Club

60-64 Men 10000m
Name Affiliation Mark Notes
Bob Albritton 44:00.00
Perry Forrester So Cal Track Club NT
Tom McCormack Atlanta Track Club
Jerry Orange 39:03.00
Phillip Ozell Atlanta Track Club

60-64 Women 10000m

Name Affiliation Mark Notes
Cynthia Lucking Greenville Track Club 51:31.62
Kathryn Martin Northport Running Club 40:00.00
Terry Ozell Atlanta Track Club

65-69 Men 10000m
Name Affiliation Mark Notes
Sam Benedict III Atlanta Track Club
Lloyd Hansen Ann Arbor Track Club 39:04.00
Richard Kohrman 50.00
Bob Kuebler 48:25.00
Bob Milan Piedmont Pacers Track Club 46:00.00
Hal Stern Atlanta Track Club
Albert Wieringa 40:45.00

65-69 Women 10000m
Name Affiliation Mark Notes
Kathleen Frable So Cal Track Club NT

70-74 Men 10000m
Name Affiliation Mark Notes
Don Coffman
Charlie Patterson Atlanta Track Club 49:59.00
Andrew Sherwood Atlanta Track Club
Paul Spinner 56:03.00
David Turner Sr Atlanta Track Club 50:00.00

70-74 Women 10000m
Name Affiliation Mark Notes
Margie Stoll

75-79 Men 10000m
Name Affiliation Mark Notes
Joseph Burgasser 46:30.00
Jim Duguay Atlanta Track Club
Jerry LeVasseur New England 65+ Running Club

75-79 Women 10000m
Name Affiliation Mark Notes
Joyce Hodges-Hite Atlanta Track Club 1:33:37.00

80-84 Men 10000m
Name Affiliation Mark Notes
Alfred Dubois Parkside Athletic Club 1:12:25.00
Gordon Mc Clenathen So Cal Track Club NT
Donald Pratt Florida Athletic Club 1:05:40.56
Al Ray So Cal Track Club NT

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July 6, 2014

5 Responses

  1. Peter Taylor - July 6, 2014

    I appreciate your posting this, Ken. Wow, that first race on Thursday will be a wild one, with 32 runners scheduled to go 25 laps apiece. The lap counters better be on their toes (and I’m sure they will be).

    Interestingly, after having looked over the names of the runners in this first event, I can say that with no scratches it will NOT be finished before 9:00 AM. That’s quite interesting, as the second event on Thursday is scheduled for 8:30!! Oh, well.

  2. Gary Snyder - July 7, 2014

    That’s the correct schedule – sorry for any confusion.

    After one hour runners left competing will be moved to the outer lanes and hand timed. The 8:30 event should start on time.

    Gary Snyder
    National Chair
    USATF Masters T&F

  3. Mary Harada - July 7, 2014

    It will be the older runners who get shoved to the outsider lanes of the track. It is mind-boggling to think that they will run a 10k on the track with 32 runners some of whom are fast – and others are not. Lap counters are sometimes good and sometimes just horrible – IF I were running that race I would seek out someone to count my laps for me – I do that for a 5k – never mind a 10k – lap counting problems happen with considerable frequency. Unless a lap counter is assigned to each runner -it could be a mess – asking someone to count 25 laps for both faster and slower runners is asking for problems. Being moved to the outer lanes of the track sends a message – too slow – go home.

  4. Don Pratt - July 8, 2014

    This will be just like running a road race except on the track. In my 10 years of running, in the USATF, I’ve never seen anything like this. Also, for the first time, the older group of distance runners will have to run the 10 K and the 5K two days in succession. At the other meets, we have had the 5 K on Saturday. This is some schedule. Good luck.

  5. Craig Godwin - July 10, 2014

    32 runners is not a particularly big track race, especially over 10K. A large percentage of the track 5K’s and 10K’s I’ve done have been that size range, and some have been twice that size.

    Many runners generally enter but then scratch the 10K at nationals so odds are the race will be quite a bit smaller than 32. However, I think there are normally a lot more scratches if the 10K comes at the end of the meet after the same athletes have run other races.

    The issue isn’t 32 entries, but how spread out they will be on the track. That is exactly what I said when asked my opinion.

    My understanding is there will be at least one lap counter for every two runners. The issue of counting laps was taken seriously by meet organizers. With the right system, counting laps and making sure athlete know how many laps they have left is pretty simple.

    I can see the concern about having the 10K and 5K on successive days. But personally I actually find it easier to run well 24 hours apart than 48 hours.

    The problems I see is all runners having to run extra distance. The faster women might lap some of the men a dozen or more times each. Add up everyone and that could easily mean making hundreds of passes on the outside. Then at 60 min, the older runners have to run probably several lanes to the outside. Not fun. 30, 40, or even 50 runners closer matched would be a better situation.

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