Pink pin in nationals packets: Winning the race against cancer

Karen Davis and the pin (inset) being distributed at nationals.

Karen Davis shown with the pin being distributed at next week’s Winston-Salem nationals.

When you pick up your packet at North Carolina nationals next week, look for a pink pin with running shoes. A note will explain why. M55 sprinter Craig Davis is behind this. He writes: “(My wife) Karen was diagnosed in April with HER2 positive breast cancer. which is an aggressive, fast-growing type. [I] will not be competing this year and will not be attending this year’s masters championship in Winston-Salem but will be there in spirit.” He also has a Facebook page and Twitter feed. “I have wanted to share our journey with Karen’s cancer because this is not an easy road to travel. After reading [about] Randy Sturgeon, I now truly understand what he is going through. And as a sprinter, I have found that speed is critical with cancer. We have received great support from our track & field community and we hope that our page may help someone near and dear to you as you all of been our hope/support.”

Here’s what note in the packet will say:

Cancer touches everyone is some way, and as natural competitors and athletes, our outlook of the fight comes from the same drive inside. My intensity of training hasn’t changed, my wife, Karen, and I are just running a different type of race. The mental, emotional and physical demands we endure for competition at the levels of Track & Field are now laser focused on WINNING THE RACE against cancer.

Cannot believe what SPEED truly means: Karen and I have always done this. We are always proactive with our health care; annual exams, dental, blood work, the usual male/female screenings, and finally home-self exams. We trust and hope that you do the same for yourselves, and encourage family, friends, and loved ones to follow suit.

Never take your competitor’s SPEED for granted and react FAST. When the gun went off in this race our reactionary time was critical. At that split second we did not know that the Grade 3 FAST growing tumor had already left the blocks. Even as early as we detected it, cancer has a mind of its own. No two cancers are the same.

Know your competition: The amount of knowledge we needed to have in such a short time span will make your head spin. Finding trusted information through our resources was GOLD. Many blessing to Meghan, her mother, and our dear friends.

World Class Standards: Many of us research our individual events to out-perform our competition; and for this race – knowing your competition is just as clutch.
We’ve had wonderful responses, gifts, and support from our Master’s Track & Field family. Our gratitude can never be fully expressed. Please show your support during this week’s competition; wear this pin on your competitive and/or warm-up uniform during this Master’s Track & Field Championship. I will be running with you in a different way. Good Luck in your Competition.

If we can ever help and guide someone you know, please contact us.
With God’s Speed, on and off the Track & Field
Karen & Craig Davis – World Master 55-59 SPRINTER

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July 11, 2014

5 Responses

  1. Peter Taylor - July 11, 2014

    Craig, I was very saddened to hear this, but Karen seems to have a great attitude about the fight facing her. Please give her my best, and I wish you good fortune as you battle alongside her.

    Sorry that I won’t be able to see you in Winston-Salem, as you always provide a lot of fun moments both before and after you show us how it’s done on the track.

  2. Rob Jackson - July 11, 2014

    Craig, I was just speaking with tish from the National Masters News. I’m always asking about Randy. I will be running the 60-64 400 on Thursday. I will wear the pin on my race singlet and put Karen’s name in my bible so I can pray for her on a regular basis. Stay strong, May God bless you. There’s got to be a finish line to cancer. Stay in your drive phase my brother. Sincerely,Rob

  3. Craig Davis - July 12, 2014

    Peter and Rob: Thank you both. We all have taken care of ourselves and it amazes me what it takes to cope with such a illness. I have heard some interesting and distressing stories where people have or have not taken an ACTIVE ROLE with there CARE. We have been Blessed with our support and with the DECISIONS WE HAVE MADE. They are not easy decisions but “With God’s Speed – Out Run Cancer” Karen & Craig

  4. Linda nielson - July 12, 2014

    Hey Craig and Karen, not a runner but just wanted to let you know we are thinking abut you and wishing you both the best! I know everything is going to turn out on the positive! Keep up the good fight!

  5. Lisa Suender Wapinsky - July 16, 2014

    Dear Karen and Craig, What an awesome team you make. I pray this is behind you very soon! Your a wonderful life coach Craig and you Karen are an incredible woman. My prayers and support are with you entirely.

    God bless you and your entire family at this trying time.

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