Flo Meiler’s monster challenge (14 events) opens with pent WR

Flo-Go's hammer throw went for a W80 AR.

Flo-Go’s hammer throw went for a W80 AR.

Flo Meiler, aka the 80-year-old Energizer Bunny, was hesitant to promise me she’d vault today at nationals. She was still in the midst of the pentathlon when I quizzed her. But you know, Flo. The Vermonter can’t resist a challenge. She’s entered in 14 events at Wake Forest, and she won at least three on Day 1 — the pent, hammer and vault. Her point total in the 5-eventer was 4319, setting a first-ever world record for that age group. Her hammer was 22.30 meters (73-2) for an American record. (Old AR: 21.33 or 69-11 by Gloria Krug in 2011. And Flo vaulted 1.65 (5-5). She went 6-0 earlier this year. Photographer Rob Jerome (both shots here) is documenting her meet. He’s given her a nickname: Flo-Go. So go, Flo!

After finishing a WR pentathlon, Flo won the vault, beating listed WR (but not her recent PR).

After WR pentathlon, Flo won vault, beating listed WR (but not her recent best).

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July 17, 2014

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  1. Ken Stone - July 17, 2014

    USATF coverage notes two other pentathlon records set today: http://www.usatf.org/News/Records-fall,-champions-crowned-on-Day-1-at-USATF-.aspx

  2. Ken Stone - July 17, 2014

    Funny TV report:

    Lady says Flo threw the hammer 73 inches!

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