Curtis Morgan to debut as storyteller of N.C. masters nationals

Curtis says this is good for the ankles.

Curt rocks a unicycle at home.

Curtis Morgan of Falls Church, Virginia, is an M70 all-around athlete with a worldwide CV. He worked in IT from 1964 to 2004, the last 30 years as an analyst/programer consultant largely in the United States but also with gigs in London, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Australia. In 2004, he became a high school teacher and taught in New Zealand and Australia until 2011, “mostly English and film.” Before nationals he introduced himself to me, and at the meet I welcomed his offer to write about some athletes. I suggested throwers (since I was giving them short shrift). And Curt delivered some nice profiles. They start Tuesday. Curt himself is worth a story. “Back in the day, my best events were 440-yard dash, LJ and TJ at American University here in D.C. Just middlin’ good then,” he says. “When I won AU’s Most Improved Trackman two years in a row, my best friend from high school asked me: ‘Curt, just how bad were you when you started?'”

Curt says he got into masters track in New South Wales in 2003, saying: “The Aussie athletic culture rocks!”

“While I do compete today in hurdles and many weights, my current emphasis is on HJ and TJ,” he says. “I do hit the gym several days a week, and I make hour-long unicycling runs (great for ankles and knees, as well as balance of course). Photo is me on my 36-inch big wheel.”

Curt’s subjects from Winston-Salem include an M50 vaulter who had six vertebrae fused two years ago and an M65 javelin thrower whose cancerous prostate was removed three years ago.

Everyone at nationals has a yarn to tell (and challenges to overcome), of course. But Curtis found some great stories.

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August 4, 2014

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  1. Burr Daly - August 4, 2014

    Curt also got the gold medal for the high jump and 4th in the short hurdles running for Philadelphia Masters. Way to go, Curt.

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