13 American records claimed at USA Masters Throws nationals

Wickedly clever logo for meet.

Wickedly clever logo created for meet.

Jim Burgoyne graciously shares details on the 2014 USA Masters Throws Championships: “This two-day event was held over this past weekend. We were visited by showers, winds and even a little sun towards the end of the days. The Athletes and Officials Banquet (we renamed it this year to include all involved) was held on the Holy Cross Campus and put on by their catering department. Menu included New England Clam Chowder (CHOWDA for the locals), Steak Tips, Marinated Chicken, Cesar Salad and Veggies. The topped off with an Ice Cream Sunday. The Officials were invited as guests of MF Athletics.” He counted 13 American records!

Here’s what Jim listed:

Saturday – Throws Pentathlon
John Goldhammer – M60-64 Throws Pentathlon Total Points Record = 4836
Cindy Wyatt – W70-74 Shot Put Record = 9.03m
Linda Rowe – W60-64 Jav (500g – new weight) Record = 24.98m
Mary Hartzler – W65-69 Jav (500g – new weight) Record = 22.55m
Cindy Wyatt – W70-74 Jav (500g – new weight) Record = 14.70
Sunday – Ultra Pentathlon & Superweight Champs
Stacey Connor – W35-39 Ultraweight Pentathlon Total Points Record = 4095
Marilyn Coleman – W40-44 Ultraweight Pentathlon Total Points Record = 4927
Patrick Toland – M45-49 Ultraweight Pentathlon Total Points Record = 4441
Cindy Wyatt – W70-74 Ultraweight Pentathlon Total Points Record = 3657
Ed Burke – M70-74 Ultraweight Pentathlon Total Points Record = 5051
Marilyn Coleman – W40-44 Superweight Record = 9.18m
John Goldhammer – M60-64 Superweight Record = 11.11m
Ed Burke – M70-74 Superweight Record = 11.67 (Broke own record of 11.66m)
The meet was hosted by the Twilight Throwers and USATF New England.The LOC consisted of Twilight Throwers Founder & President, Jim Chamberas, Co-meet Directors Bob Cedrone and myself.
Overall, the feedback has been positive. We know there are things we can improve upon and we welcome your feedback. The LOC will be getting together to review the weekend and will address what feedback we receive.
I did not include the CTTP nor Women’s 300 Exhibition as those were not part of the Championships themselves. I will update those on a separate email later.
For those interested in purchasing additional T-Shirts, including the meet logo and the “Throw Wicked Far” or the “Throw, it’s what we do!” logos, I am working with the vendor to get info on how to purchase directly thru him.
The photographer took almost 4,500 pics and will be going thru them to get them available for purchase. I will send his website information when he has that available. I have seen a few samples and he captured the feel of the weekend….I am calling it a THROWFEST!
The LOC would like to thank ALL those who joined us this weekend. Family, Friends and even Throwers helped moved the two days along.
[We had] 97 entries. Saturday ending 1 hour AHEAD of schedule and Sunday ending 45 minutes AHEAD of schedule. Incredible.
Thanks again to the Officials who donated their time to us. They must really LOVE us Throwers! Nicole Bullock, Thank You!!!
Jerry Bookin-Weiner deserves a round of thanks for being the one who helped us get this approved. I really appreciate your guidance.
Coach Jim Kavanagh and the entire staff at the College of the Holy Cross really stepped up and was there until we packed up and drove away on Sunday. What a great facility. What great people. 
And one last Special Thanks to our Spouses. Barbara, Robin and Cathy. Thank you for sharing your husbands over the past 8 months. We will now focus on you (Oh, the Throw-A-Thon is on September 6th, in case I didn’t put it on the family calendar!).
So, look over the results and be proud of your efforts! We hope to see you all throwing together soon!

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August 6, 2014

7 Responses

  1. Suzy Hess Wojcik - August 6, 2014

    W80-84 Gloria Krug also broke her own US Ultraweight record with 3913 points. Five women’s US Ultraweight record were broken at this meet. Congratulations ladies!!

  2. Suzy Hess Wojcik - August 6, 2014

    No, it looks like Gloria had a better mark from Lisle., 4302.

  3. Kenneth Effler - August 6, 2014

    I’ve competed in about a dozen masters nationals indoor, outdoor, and throws, but this was by far the best organized and officiated meet I’ve ever attended. Kudos to Jim, Bob, and Jim of the Twilight Throwers for an outstanding job. Also hats off to all the officials that gave so much time and effort.

  4. Curt Morgan - August 6, 2014

    I get it! The ‘wicked logo’ is almost a puzzle…weights, shot, javelin, check check check. The discus and hammer are a bit of a reach, but, they’re in there, too. Likewise the throwing rink. Not too sure about the skull; is this some riff on, the skullduggery they get up to out there?

  5. Matt - August 6, 2014

    No, skulls symbolize death.

    Not what I’d want on my T-shirt.

  6. jim Burgoyne - August 8, 2014

    Just finished going over all the paperwork. In total, we had 19 American records which we will submit paperwork for. They are for…..

    Stacey Connor W35-39
    – Super Wt: 8.38m
    – Ultra Pent. Pts = 4095
    Marilyn Coleman W40-45
    – Super Wt: 9.18m
    – Ultra Wt. Pts = 4927
    Linda Rowe W60-64
    – Jav: 24.98m (New 500g Implement)
    Mary Hartzler W65-69
    – Jav: 22.55m (New 500g Implement)
    – Throws Pent. Pts = 4218
    – Ultra Pent Pts = 4025
    – Super Wt: 9.30m
    Cindy Wyatt W70-74
    – SP: 9.03m
    – DT: 24.71m
    – Jav: 14.70m (New 500g Implement)
    – Throws Pent. Pts = 4028
    – Ultra Pent. Pts = 3657

    Patrick Toland M45-49
    – Ultra Pent. Pts = 4441
    John Goldhammer M60-64
    – Super Wt: 11.11m
    – Throws Pent. Pts = 4836
    Ed Burke M70-74
    – Super Wt: 11.67m
    – Ultra Pent. Pts = 5051

    Congratulations to all.

  7. Ken Stone - August 9, 2014

    Lotsa great shots of the meet:

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