Dethroned recordman Phil Fehlen reacts to new M65 HJ WR

Phil held M65 record for 14 years.

Former Marine Phil Fehlen, whose 1.66 world record in the M65 high jump had lasted since 2000 Eugene nationals, was a trooper Wednesday when I informed him of the new WR of 1.67 (5-5 3/4) by Dusan Prezelj of Slovenia at the Eurovets meet in Turkey. Phil, a fellow San Diego County resident, wrote me: “I would have taken a strong second. Thanks for passing this on.” Charlie Rader, who along with N.C. nationals champion Jim Sauers have been targeting the record this year, responded to the news: “I know him well; he is a good jumper. I will pick up the pace for the Huntsman Games! I may see him next year in Lyon, France.” Our favorite Dutch correspondent (and high jump expert) Weia Reinboud, notes that Dusan is a flopper who won in Budapest also. “His wife, Stanka Prezelj, is a straddler. … Their son is a flopper:žle_Prezelj with a PB of 2.32. Dusan is a high jump coach. Dusan was Yugoslavian champion decathlon in 1976 (7047 points) and Stanka high jump champion in 1981 (1.79).” Phil is a straddler, so the floppers are ascendant. Here’s Dusan from several years ago:

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August 28, 2014

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  1. Ed Baskauskas - August 28, 2014

    I would never bet against Phil. The M65 HJ in Lyon could be a terrific battle of titans: Jamrich, Preselj, Rader, Sauers, Zacharias (in alphabetical order; actual results may vary).

  2. Ed Baskauskas - August 28, 2014

    Oops–that should be Prezelj with a “z.”

  3. Ed Baskauskas - August 28, 2014

    . . . and John Hawkins would make it a half dozen world champions in the event, I believe.

  4. Milan Jamrich - August 28, 2014

    currently healing a torn groin muscle, but I am planning to be in Lyon…

  5. bert bergen - August 29, 2014

    Was fortunate enough to compete against Phil ( unsuccessfully ) and get to know him . He is a student true student of the straddle and was a great jumper . I am wondering Why Phil is not in the Masters T&F Hall of Fame

  6. Thomas Zacharias - March 9, 2015

    Hi everybody. Duzan is a good guy and his style is fantastic. Round and elegant like Dwight Stones. I had to admire him in Budapest 14 and forgot my skills. :-) Now I feel old for new 65-Records. Will go to Lyon just to meet all collegues as possible. And see them jump instead competing. Best regards, Thomas Zacharias

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