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IAAF picks Athletes of Year with poll help, so why not WMA?

Again, the IAAF is running a poll to help its leaders choose Athletes of the Year. Starting Wednesday, select folks will choose from top names. See the announcement. IAAF says: “A list of 10 male and 10 female candidates will firstly be selected by an international panel of athletics experts and announced by the IAAF. […]

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Spanish statmaster Martinez shows how all-time rankings are done

Andres Martinez of Spain, an M55 runner, is renowned for stat-keeping. He posted his latest offering on Facebook. It shows the top 300 age-graded men’s 100 performers in Spanish history (or at least since 2005). For example, the top hombre is Nolet Canto, 44, who clocked a 10.89 this year. The No. 3 man is […]

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Confessions of a meet director: How Club West got canceled

Track meets, like money, don’t grow on trees. But in SoCal, masters athletes have a rich choice — from USATF association and region meets to several all-comers series and Senior Olympics with auto timing. Beneath that sunny surface, however, lies a cold truth. Masters meets put on by clubs and others are struggling to stay […]

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Al Oerter could have been an Olympic contender in 1984 — at 47

Saturday, I made more progress on the National Masters News project — uploading 60 issues to Now 88 issues (the first nine years) are online as PDFs. So many revelations, so little time. But a favorite was the issue of August 1984, which told of hammer-star Ed Burke making the Olympic team at age […]

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Masters shooter Angela Jimenez gets love from UK newspaper

American Angela Jimenez, an art photographer who focuses on geezers, is back in the news. She’s featured in The Independent. This nice little story starts out by featuring M95 sprinter Manuel Gonzal Munoz. Reporter Adam Jacques writes: “Nor is he the only nonagenarian athlete out there: almost 50 competed in last year’s track-and-field world championships […]

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Japanese gent crushed three M90 WRs at WMA Asian regionals

We’re just now learning about world records set at the Asian Masters Athletics Championships — even though WMA brass were on the scene and could have flogged the news on their website. Anyway, Japan’s Asahi Shimbun mega-newspaper reports: “The five-day competition featured 2,900 athletes from 24 countries and regions, including 1,944 Japanese. The oldest Japanese […]

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Seto: Post results on before brief outage

John Seto of writes: “The rankings submission form will be shut off starting Saturday, September 27, and back up by October 4, so please submit any results you want to before then. The site and all the lists will be available during the shutdown. I will be working on making some database changes, website upgrades and […]

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Guido Müller named IAAF World Best Master for record 3rd time

For the third time in a decade, Germany’s Guido Müller has been named WMA World Masters Athlete of the Year (male division). WMA didn’t reveal the winner, however. The Eurovets spilled the beans. The news leaked thusly: “Guido Müller made the double. He became European Best Veteran and now he will be honoured in November […]

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Olympian Jud Logan bellows, blows away M55 hammer WR

Vying to be the next Ed Burke (throwing hammer records into his 70s), Olympian Jud Logan set an M55 world record Sunday in an Ashland Masters Series meet in Ohio. YouTube video shows him smashing the listed HT record of 63.70 (208-11 3/4) several times, topped by a monster 67.27 (220-8 1/4). Haven’t seen results […]

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Dick Richards adds M80 mark to his set of U.S. long jump records

Coming back from a hammie pull earlier this season, M80 Dick Richards long jumped 4.22 (13-10 1/2) Sunday at the San Diego Senior Olympics to beat the listed American record of 4.19 (13-9) by Mel Larsen 10 years ago at Decatur nationals. It’s his third AR. (He holds M65 and M75, too.) Prepping for 2015 […]

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