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Peter Hlavin’s high jump heaven: meeting Fosbury, Bondarenko

Former M55 AR high jumper Peter Hlavin of Southern California attended Willie Banks’ track camp the past two days in Chula Vista. “Thought I could use a high jump tune-up and I’m always open to learning new things,” he reports. “Wow! What a great time hanging out and being coached by Dick Fosbury.  As everyone […]

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3 Americans on WMA world meet oversight Competition Committee

Ontario’s Brian Keaveney is chair of the new WMA Competition Committee, which apparently replaces the old Stadia and Non-stadia committees. He’s cherry-picking his staff, which includes three Americans with long experience in meet management, scheduling and officiating. The Yanks are Carroll DeWeese, Bill Murray and Sandy Pashkin. These folks played similar roles on the USATF […]

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WMA dragging its feet on revealing World Best Masters of 2016?

Will 2017 get here before we learn who WMA picks as 2016 Athletes of the Year, aka World Best Masters? Notes have been shot to WMA President Stan Perkins and webmaster Jeff Brower. Hope to hear from them soon. In the meantime, John Seto of has compiled a list of the athletes with the […]

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Unvarnished history emerging in news clips of old WAVA meets

In September 1983, Puerto Rico hosted the fifth WAVA world meet. Official WMA histories mention the brutal heat, and how some athletes were hospitalized. But it wasn’t until I read news accounts of PR worlds in the San Juan Star that I learned of more chilling dangers — a rape attempt and several muggings. This […]

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How many masters clubs train with their namesake mascots?

W75 superstar Christa Bortignon (lady on the right) belongs to the 90-member Greyhounds Masters Track Club in Vancouver, British Columbia, coached by masters legend Harold Morioka (petting dog) On Saturday, she reports, two real greyhounds joined them for practice at Simon Fraser University. She sent a group picture including the canines, Happy and Huggy. “In […]

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Foreigners banned from German nationals — including masters

USATF has rules and policies called “masters exceptions.” The Germans should learn from us. Alfred Hermes notes a recent decision by the German Athletics Federation (DLV is their acronym) to limit German national championships to German citizens. The policy (detailed here) has the unintended effect of squeezing German masters nationals. The DLV says the policy […]

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Secret Santa of the shuttle hurdles: tape-maker George Leaf

If you’re not in the Kentucky USATF association, you probably don’t know George Leaf. But if you run shuttle hurdles at nationals, you need to thank him. George is the Stradivarius of the measuring tape used for marking the crazy back-and-forth hurdles event. Jeff Davison told me about his work some months back, and Games […]

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Al Sheahen’s proto-NMN posted: San Fernando Valley TC news

Al Sheahen left an incredible legacy in masters track. But he was more than the fire-breathing editor and publisher of National Masters News and longtime WAVA officer. He once held the M40 American record in the 400 hurdles at 61.9 in 1973, and he produced an amazing newsletter chock-full of age-group resources for his hometown […]

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Aussie world champ Peter Hawes hints retirement from 2-lap game

Elite tracksters retire all the time. Masters trackos never say never. But in a rare report, Dr. Peter Hawes of Australia, an M60 middle-distancer, told his local paper: “It’s hard because you want to keep running, but as a doctor, I can feel when my body has had enough and I think that time is […]

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India’s ‘119-year-old sprinter’ has youthful mission: coaching kids

Two weeks after a crackerjack New York Times investigation found Dharampal Singh Gujjar to be “78 or so,” the Indian sprinter was still insisting he was 119 years old. But at least a news account acknowledges “a dispute over his age.” Whatever. In the era of fake news and liars, he’s a piker. I think […]

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