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Jenn Suhr quietly claims the W35 world record in vault — 15-10!

Olympic champ Jenn Suhr turned 35 in February, and I didn’t get the memo. But a story in her local Buffalo News reminded me to check her 2017 outdoor best. And yowza! Jenn jumped 4.83 meters (15-10) in Austin, Texas, on April 15, shattering Stacy Dragila’s listed age-group WR of 4.55 (14-11) from 2009. Sorry […]

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Obscure Aussie shooting for Bernard Lagat’s M40 1500 WR

Philo Saunders of Australia has announced a big goal. How big? He wants to take down Bernard Lagat’s M40 world record in the 1500. So how does a guy with an all-time PR of 3:41.22 in 2005 knock off Kip’s 3:41.87? Beats me. But according to a post on, Philo is training in Flagstaff […]

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Guatemalan Olympian claims M55 deca WR, but whose got beat?

For the fifth year in a row, the German multi-event festival in the Berlin suburb of Stendal has produced a masters world record. This time it’s an M55 deca WR for Guatemalan Olympian Angel Estuardo Diaz Granillo, who scored 8031 points, reports Stendaler Hanse Cup maven Dieter Massin and hometown media. ( The listed WR […]

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Tony Whiteman runs 4:07.4 road mile at age 45, beats Coe at 6 min

Olympic champ and former world record holder Sebastian Newbold Coe ran a road mile in 6 minutes flat Sunday at age 60. Not bad. But the real shocker was — again — Anthony Whiteman. Fresh off his series of M45 WRs in the 800, he put on his roadie shoes and clocked 4:08 in his […]

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W45 Lenore Lambert going for world record in 400-meter hurdles

Two months ago, Lenore Lambert of New South Wales (in Auzzieland) ran a W45 national record in the 400 hurdles, clocking 63.85 at her masters nationals. Saturday in Cairns, Queensland, she’s shooting for the listed WR of 62.85 by Germany’s Barbara Gähling in 2010. So says this article in the Cairns Post. Lenore will compete […]

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$2,500 in prize money shared by four Sierra Gold record-setters

Organizers of last Saturday’s Sierra Gold masters meet northeast of Sacramento dished out $2,500 to four record-setters, as the local paper reported. They included M65 Doug Torbert in the shot (getting credit for a WR even though he has a better mark earlier this year). He took home a grand. American record setters collecting $500 […]

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‘Mr. Marathon’ Tracy Sundlun owed $160K by firm he co-founded

M60 marathon business legend Tracy Sundlun was laid off by San Diego-based Competitor Group Inc. last July — days before leaving for Rio and his gig as U.S. men’s track team manager. I wrote about his firing. Now he shares a scarier story — that his old employer, CGI, which he built into an international […]

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M45 Whiteman lowers 800 WR to aw, you’ll never believe it anyway

Who would be the first M45 to run sub-1:54 in the outdoor 800? That was answered several weeks ago, when British Olympian Anthony Whiteman scorched two laps in 1:53.40 and shattered Sal Allah’s 2005 mark of 1:54.18. Then came: Who could go sub-1:53? Whiteman replied with a 1:51.3 — breaking the 1:52 barrier as well. […]

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Baltic Open Championships in Estonia set for August; Yanks, too?

A week after the Eurovets hold their WMA regional in Aarhus, Denmark, the Estonians (no relation) plan an open masters meet in Pärnu. The event is August 12-13, and info is here. “This will be a good possibility to improve the results in less formal atmosphere – have good food and beer after competition, walk in […]

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Where is Robin Williams as French mocker when we need him?

A month ago, I noted how the German track federation was rejecting any records set at the Auckland World Masters Games because — horrors! — satanic dope-fiend Russian masters were allowed to compete. I summoned the Soup Nazi from “Seinfeld” to illustrate the inanity of that stand. So who do I recruit for comment on […]

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