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Kathy Martin, Bob Lida named USATF Masters T&F Athletes of Year

W65 distance great Kathy Martin and M80 sprint icon Bob Lida have been named USATF Masters Track & Field Athletes of the Year. They were chosen by the Masters T&F Awards Committee, of which I’m a member, after also being nominated to represent the United States as regional nominees for WMA Athletes of the Year. […]

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Volodymyr Shelever denies doping at Perth worlds, hints sabotage

On Nov. 16, I noted the four-year doping ban of M55 high jump world champion Volodymyr Shelever. After Aussie officials declined to give me his email address, I got it from a Down Under friend. I wrote Volodymyr and he replied a week ago: “I didn’t take any drugs or steroids. I don’t know what […]

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USATF may add membership fee requirement to masters records

Say you’re a 90-year-old who’s raced 5Ks and 10Ks locally for years. You hear of a meet in town, and you enter the 5000 — and break an M90 or W90 American record! The meet is USATF-sanctioned. Rails line the track. And you have enough rivals to make it legit. After filling out the paperwork, […]

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IAAF drops recognition of WMA World Masters Athletes of the Year

WMA has named world Athletes of the Year since 2004, usually in mid-October but sometimes in September. The 2016 top male and female (Andrew Jamieson of Australia and Irene Obera of USA) were’t revealed until January, however. In reply to a query on when this year’s dynamic duo would be announced, WMA Prez Stan Perkins […]

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$250 fee should give us right to Masters T&F USATF vote in Ohio

Often in the past, when you wanted to vote at the USATF annual meeting as an active masters athlete (rather than a masters chair from your local association, etc.), you just showed up and raised your hand. Not so this year. National vice chair Jerry Bookin-Weiner writes: “Selection of the 20 active athletes who will […]

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2020 nationals bidders, Hall of Fame nominees listed in USATF docs

Thanks to national chair Rex Harvey and secretary Amanda Scotti, the USATF Masters Track and Field Committee is by far the most transparent when it comes to reports and meeting minutes posted in the Documents Library for the Ohio annual meeting. I perused many of the 40-plus docs. The revelations are fascinating. For example, at […]

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USATF names Sabra Harvey as 2017 Masters Athlete of the Year

Every year, USATF names a single Masters Athlete of the Year — sometimes at odds with the choice of the USATF Masters T&F Committee. So it is with 2017. That’s because USATF Masters LDR is part of the process, and the two committees alternate on who is recognized at the annual meeting. LDR star Sabra […]

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Germany’s Margit Jungmann in the running for president of WMA

In October 2013, Germany’s Margit Jungmann was elected vice president of World Masters Athletics at Porto Alegre worlds. At 2016 Perth worlds, she was re-elected. And if she has her way, she’ll replace Stan Perkins as WMA president at 2018 Malaga worlds. German sites say her nomination was decided at a recent DLV council meeting […]

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Prize money set in UK for Masters Grand Prix on June 23, 2018

British M45 sprint star Darren Scott shares more details on his Grand Prix series, which I noted four months ago. Darren writes: “The very first of our Grand Prix masters events will be held June 23, 2018, and is open for men/women over the age of 35 at Sheffield Hallam University Stadium. Nearest airports are […]

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M55 Aussie high jumper draws 4-year ban for Perth doping positive

Volodymyr Shelever of Australia won M55 high jump gold at 2016 Perth worlds, but Thursday the IAAF revealed he’s been suspended until 2021 after testing positive for a banned substance. An Aussie site says he had this in his system: 6b-hydroxymethandienone and 17b-hydroxymethyl-17a-methyl-18-norandrost-1_ 4_ 13-trien-3-one (metabolites of Methandienone). That’s a steroid sold as Dianabol. But […]

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