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WMA prez looking into banned jumper winning WMA world medals

M50 high jumper Oleg Kramar of Ukraine competed at 2016 Perth outdoor and 2017 Daegu indoor worlds despite the IAAF having suspended him from April 2016 to April 2020 after a March 2016 drug positive. How could that be? Oleg won silver at Perth and gold at Daegu despite being on the IAAF banned list […]

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M50 Ukraine high jumper Oleg Kramar given 4-year doping ban

Citing sanctioned athletes on an IAAF list, Bridget Cushen in UK reports on the WMA site that M50 European indoor silver medalist Oleg Kramar of Ukraine failed doping test at the 2016 Ancona, Italy, championships. She writes: “Kramar had entered the European Masters Athletics Track & Field Championships in Aarhus last July, but failed to […]

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Joan Benoit Samuelson eyes sub-3 marathon at 60, book reveals

I wasn’t expecting hard news in Jonathan Beverly’s new book on lifetime runners called “Run Strong, Stay Hungry: 9 Keys to Staying in the Race.” But there it is on page 108, when the former editor of Running Times notes 1984 Olympic marathon champ Joan Benoit Samuelson, “who said she has not yet formally announced […]

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South Australia masters official is given CPR 16 times, survives

The president of masters athletics in South Australia is George White. Call him a pre-Christmas miracle. “White had just finished a 1000m race walk when he suffered a heart attack that nearly killed him,” reports an Adelaide newspaper. “The 72-year-old athlete does not remember much of that day last month at SA Athletics Stadium. One […]

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WMA to name world’s best masters sprinter, thrower, jumper, etc.

With no warning, World Masters Athletics is expanding its annual awards program. Instead of just a female and male Athlete of the Year, it’s going to honor the top male and female sprinter, thrower, jumper, middle-distancer, etc. (See details here.) The world governing body also is trying to remove the mystery of its annual WMA […]

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Kay Glynn, on cusp of 65, shares 11th annual Christmas greeting

For the 11th year, masters track star Kay Glynn shares her inimitable Christmas greetings photo — showing off her strength and flexibility at once. Also her amazing lack of aging. Kay writes: “Looking forward to turning 65 in a few weeks!” — as well as competing at indoor hep champs in Kenosha and indoor nationals […]

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Irene Obera training for W85 domination at 2020 Toronto worlds

In a BBC video shot at Chabot (sha-BOW) College across the bay from San Francisco, Irene Obera shows her great running form at age 84 and aims to enter 2020 Toronto worlds, where she’ll dominate the W85 age group. She’s the subject of what the Brits call “ageing” research. “Her only period of ill-health was […]

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Q&A with WR man Gary Patton: Hall of Famer was a late bloomer

I’ve seen barrel-chested Gary Patton run many times, but never buttonholed him for a chat. He had a game face up or was warming down. But after he added an M70 mile indoor WR and was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame, I had no choice. I emailed him and he graciously consented to […]

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USATF Masters Inclusion Subcommittee explained: Q&A with chair

Some have noted a new group in the masters universe — the USATF Masters Inclusion Subcommittee. But it’s not really new, having succeeded the Masters Diversity Committee. No matter the name, its mission is still a mystery to many. So I sent questions to its chair, George Melichar. He graciously replied Wednesday. “I work in […]

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In NYC, Gary Patton pulverizes 30-year-old M70 indoor mile WR

His mile was worth an age-graded 4:00.3, but Gary Patton isn’t sweating how close he came to virtual sub-4. At last Thursday’s Armory track races in New York City, Gary at nearly 72 was the 49th of 73 male finishers when he clocked a 5:29.81 to beat the listed M70 indoor WR of 5:32.4 by […]

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