3 centenarians expected at Asian Masters Athletics Championships

Pin marks Rugao on map; 1,900-plus entered.

Africa, Europe and NCCWMA (us) have held WMA regional meets this year. Now it’s Asia’s turn. For the next five days, “more than 1,900 masters athletes from 20 countries and regions will gather in Rugao [China] to display their skills to the full” at the Asian Masters Athletics Championships, says an LOC press release. “Therein, the oldest and the youngest athletes are respectively 101 and 35 years old. Three centenarians from the host city Rugao will also be present at the competition. … As a well-known ‘Longevity County in the World,’ Rugao is now resided by 385 centenarians as a county (city) enjoying the most population of centenarians in China. This city has successfully hosted the 10th and 16th National Masters Athletics.” China already leads the medal standings (as if I care). But it’s hard to unearth results (which I care about, just in case an M60 sprinter exists in the world slower than moi.) Opening Ceremonies are Sunday at the Rugao Olympic Sports Center, “which enjoys topics of ‘Longevity’ and ‘Always in Happiness’ and embraces nearly 3,000 actors who are going to perform at the ceremony.” A cozy little gathering in the town of 1.5 million.

Site of Asian masters meet in Rugao, city with lots of M100/W100 folks.

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September 23, 2017

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  1. tb - September 24, 2017

    If you overlook the results page (what is a “Bid”?) that’s a really good web site. Was not expecting such clarity.

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