About Ken Stone aka TrackCEO

Ken Stone, editor and co-founder of masterstrack.com

Ken Stone, editor and co-founder of masterstrack.com

Ken has followed track as an athlete, writer and webmaster since the late 1960s, and saw most sessions of track and field at the 1984 Los Angeles and 1996 Atlanta Olympics. He also attended the 1988, 1992, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012 Trials, two as a blogger. (See the first-ever real-time Trials blog here.)

Ken was born in Detroit in June 1954 but grew up in Orange County, California, and Omaha, Nebraska, where in 1972 he was the top high school hurdler in the city. He was a walk-on hurdler at the University of Kansas for two years. At KU he interviewed mile great Jim Ryun several times and covered his retirement press conference for Track & Field News.

Ken has competed in masters track since 1995, attending 15 outdoor nationals and three WMA world meets (1999, 2009 and 2011). His marks are top-secret.

After 17 years as a copy editor with The San Diego Union-Tribune, Ken joined the paper’s website, SignOnSanDiego, in July 2003. Along with most of the SignOn staff, he was laid off in June 2010, but was hired a month later as a local editor for Patch.com. In March 2012, he was promoted to associate regional editor of San Diego County, overseeing seven Patch sites. Then he was laid off in August 2013.

Ken with medal from 2009 Lahti world meet.

Ken is contributing editor of Times of San Diego, a daily news site for San Diego region. In July 2014, he began full-time work as multimedia communications manager at Francis Parker School, an elite independent prep school in San Diego. In January 2015, he was laid off. Oh well. (He rebounded via freelance gigs with Voice of San Diego and San Diego CityBeat, plus Times of San Diego and MyNewsLA.com.)

A longtime member of Track and Field Writers of America, Ken posted the original Wikipedia article on masters athletics. In June 2009, he won TAFWA’s first annual Adam Jacobs Memorial Award for excellence in blogging.

In late 2009, he won blogger Pete Magill’s All The President’s Men Award for Masters Track Investigative Journalism. In summer 2010, two of his photos from the Lahti world masters meet won honorable-mention awards at the International Photography Exhibition at the San Diego County Fair. In October 2011, he won eight writing and photography ribbons at the San Diego County Press Club awards. A year later, he won four prizes, including a plaque for first place in feature writing. In July 2014, he won seven awards (including three first-place plaques) from the San Diego chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. In October 2014, he added six more Press Club awards and in October 2015 — nine awards. His LinkedIn profile URL cites his PR in the 440-yard hurdles.

Ken can be reached at TrackCEO@aol.com

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7 Responses

  1. Ken Stone - March 26, 2015

    I would expect this site to have dates eventually:

    Unsure when in March.

  2. Sid Howard - July 16, 2015

    I’m coaching a female 800 meter runner who’s looking for a roommate for the worlds at Lyon
    she’s coming to France Aug 7th

  3. Sid Howard - July 16, 2015

    I’m sorry she’s arriving on the 4th not the 7th

  4. Eric Dixon - August 13, 2015

    Ken, Great job with the Masters updates.
    Thank you,

  5. Rob Jackson - April 9, 2016

    I recently reached out to USATF with a request that they try to rectify the situation with having older athletes age 60 and up have to wait around for a final that’s 2 days away when all of the athletes are there ready to race. The 800 final for this year’s Nationals in Michigan is set for Saturday but the rounds are on Thursday. If everyone shows up on Thursday why make us wait 2 more days doing nothing, Run the final right there.It would save those paying their own expenses a lot of money.If anyome agrees with me please feel free to comment Pete and Ken I’m waiting to hear from. I’ve been competeting for 36 yrs on the Sub/Masters circuit.

  6. Peter L. Taylor - April 9, 2016

    Rob, at 2015 Jacksonville nationals they had the finals in the 800 on Thursday. There were no trials, nor should they have had any trials. We are masters, not collegians or open runners. There we see a small difference between the top runner and those who are ranked 10 or 11, but in masters we see a big difference.

    Rob, indoors we don’t even have trials in the 400, much less the 800. At nationals, masters should have trials in the 100 and 200 only. What’s that, how about the 110 hurdles? Should be finals only. I go back to time of Pres. James Earl Carter in masters, and I can guarantee you we have never had a 110 hurdles field in which all 8 or 9 hurdlers were good in that event.

    What about preparation for worlds? Rob, the vast majority of US masters did not go to Lyon, and the overwhelming majority will not go to Perth. We can’t design our nationals with just those athletes in mind.

  7. Byron Potts - August 21, 2016

    I Barbara, Byrons wife found your web site. Byron holds I believe the 50 miler done at the Santa Monica track in 1979. He still does his walks. Had to give up running due to tendon problems. Byron is 85, He is a advid sports spectator. Thanks for your site.

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