about Kachingle


– Kachingle is an effortless way to support your favorite sites, online publications, and blogs just by visiting those sites after becoming a Kachingler.

– Kachingle is simple, user-centric and user-controlled alternative to cumbersome subscriptions, paywalls, and pay-per-article plans some media outlets are considering forcing upon their readers.

– Kachingling requires virtually no effort on the part of the Kachingler — just click the Medallion on sites you want to support. No credit cards, passwords, etc.

– As a Kachingler, you choose the sites you want to support. When you surf the Web click on any Kachingle Medallion on a site you want to support — just once — and Kachingle will keep track of your visits.

– At the end of each month, your monthly Pay-In to Kachingle ($5 to start, but other options will be available soon) will be distributed proportionally among your chosen sites based on your visits.


– Help support journalism’s future online.

– Help support a site whose writers are underpaid or have been working as a labor of love.

– Help support a specialized reporting that takes time and money to produce (e.g. highly localized news or investigative reporting).

– Help support sites that provide a free service.

– If enough readers become Kachinglers for your site, their support will help the site grow and improve.

– Share your support with colleagues, friends, and family (and soon Twitter followers and others), and turn them on to the sites you visit.

– Kachingle provided an opportunity to get recognition for supporting your favorite sites and sharing that support through social networking — every Medallion includes a “See who’s kachingling this site” link that displays all the site’s kachinglers.

– Build an online persona around your Kachingle contributions.

– For each site you support, you can choose how your name will appear, for example, if you have a nickname on that site you’d like to use. (You can also kachingle anonymously if you choose.)

– And do all this on your own terms, and without having to have to support each site though separate means.

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