Amber’s 77-foot weight throw is a tad better than Julie’s 50-10 AR

Amber Campbell spins well after age 35.

USATF statistician Glen McMicken sent me a note in the wake of my nominating Julie Williams-Tinkham for USATF Athlete of the Week (along with others). Julie beat the listed American indoor record in the 20-pound weight throw with her 15.51 (50-10 3/4). But Glen noted that Amber Campbell was 35 last year when she threw 23.48 (77-0 1/2) at ABQ open indoor nationals. That far exceeds Julie’s mark, and the listed record. This appears to be another case of an elite thrower not seeking recognition for an age-group mark — or meet organizers not realizing what they had. Who knows how many other elites have thrown better than 15.51? In any case, Amber’s mark deserves age-group record consideration. The meet where she made it is good to go. (The listed WR in the W35 WT remains 18.02/59-1 1/4 by Australia’s Byrony Glass in 2013.)

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February 1, 2018

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  1. Weia Reinboud - February 2, 2018

    Her 23.48 far exceeds outdoor marks. She is mentioned here: The blue records are not official and there are many of them. I would love to see them all approved OR that it is made clear why they are not.

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