Keith Bateman’s goals: WR’s at every distance from 1500 to 10K

M55 supermiler Keith Bateman of Australia says he probably won’t enter Sacramento worlds next year. Not because of potential 1500 rival Rich Burns. “(I) would love to meet and race Rich,” Keith says. But the 2011 meet poses a problem: “Too expensive for me at the moment.” In any case, Keith graciously replied to my queries, revealing his best recent marks and several weeks of workouts. Keith lives in Sydney, “about 4K from Bondi Beach, 2K from others you might not have heard of.” He’s self-employed, “website work for small businesses mostly.” Recently “bachelored,” he was born June 29, 1955.

Keith followed a 37-year-old pacer during his Aussie M55 record mile in July. (Photo by Andrew Atkinson-Howatt)

My email chat with the Aussie standout: What are your all-time PB’s as a youngster? Where did you compete? Any major achievements?

Keith Bateman: I never competed as a youngster. Started running at 29 in prep for XC ski racing (I wasn’t any good at the XC but continued running). Before coming to Australia in 2000, I was in the Scottish Highlands, running a ski school and tour operation and hill running.

My major achievement is getting PBs for the past seven years! (Two this year — 10K in 32:32 and half-marathon in 71:53).

When did you return to athletics? Why?

Answered above. But I restarted a few times at the ‘O’s — that is, 40 years old, 50 years old 🙂

Do you have a coach or trainer? What is your training philosophy?

Yes, I have a wonderful coach (Sean Williams) and I train with some of the best runners in Australia. Lara Tamsett is my training partner and Ben St. Lawrence is in our squad. I am just back from our massive City to Surf Race — reckoned to be the most difficult race to win in Australia. I paced Lara to 7km (had to pull out due to groin injury (surfing on Thursday!), but she won! And Ben won the men’s race!

Give me a sample workout you are proud of.

Well that’s tricky — programme attached — but recently 5 x 1km with 90-seconds recovery: 2:52/2:54/2:58/3:02/3:04

Tell me everything about your 4:37.30 mile — what was your condition going in, the weather conditions, your race plan, your splits, your reaction to hearing the time? Did you have pacing help?

Illawong is an exposed track — good quality though. My coach was going to be pacer. He is 39 and still good but he couldn’t make it in time. There was a 37-year-old runner about my level and I told him my plan, which was 68-second laps with a 69 first lap and 67 last lap (Coach’s idea).

It was moderately windy on the back straight. I wasn’t sure of fitness due to four weeks off with a tendon inflammation. I set off in front and the 37-year-old passed me on the back straight. I thought he was going to stay there, but he continued on. I had my watch beeping every 17 seconds and was already 1 second ahead of schedule, so I didn’t go with him.

On the second lap, my coach shouted for me to get behind him but I declined as I was 2 seconds ahead of schedule. I was then hanging on.

On the third lap my coach shouted: “You have to beat him to get the record!” That helped and I chased him down – almost. His time was 4:37. I wasn’t disappointed as we haven’t started our track season yet. I have been cross-country running and half-marathon training. Track season starts in a few months.

What other distances do you run? Which is your best event?

I run everything between 1500 and half-marathon – all my times and PBs attached; 5km is reckoned to be my best. We’ll see.

What are your goals?

My short term goals: the (M55) world Records for 1500, mile, 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000! Ambitious or what! 🙂

How long will you keep running?

I cannot image not running!

Any advice for people seeking to run a masters mile at the highest level?

You’ll know when you are ready!

Hope that’s what you are looking for (at that you’ll tidy it up a bit) 🙂

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August 9, 2010

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  1. Michael Potter - August 10, 2010

    Outstanding article. It has given me such a lift to go out and train harder but smarter.

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