Bill Collins caps comeback on Day 2 full of world record dashes

Bill Collins just missed his own pending world record in the 60-meter dash on Day 2 of indoor worlds in Finland. Rob Jerome, who took the amazing shot below, writes of Bill’s 7.59-second mark (only his 7.58 from Bloomington is faster for M60): “Bill just keeps getting better and better despite his recent health problems,” Rob says. “As the second- and third-place winners bow their heads at the finish line, it looks like they are giving Bill the respect he deserves!” But he was a footnote to an incredible day of dashing: Vladimir Vybostok of the Slovak Republic twice lowered the listed M65 WR, first clocking 7.92 and then 7.81 in the final. Same for Germany’s Ingrid Meier, posting a WR 8.91 and then 8.80 in the W65 final. Tilly Jacobs of the Netherlands was credited with a WR 8.44 in the W55 final, Canada’s Christa Bortignon a WR 10.04 in the W75 final, Finland’s Matti Jarvinen a WR 13.02 in the M85 final and America’s Bob Lida an 8.56 in the M75 final (short of a pending WR 8.49 earlier this year). Whew!

Bill beats Britain's Alasdair Ross (left) and Italy's Antonio Rossi in Jyväskylä.

In the W75 800, Bloomington star Jeanne Daprano lowered her own pending WR to 3:16.21. (She ran 3:18.48 at nationals last month.)

And in the W55 3K racewalk, 2011 IAAF World’s Best Female Masters Athlete Lynette Ventris of Australia demolished the field and the 15-minute barrier. She clocked a WR 14:51.24 to beat the runner-up, Italy’s Natalia Marcenco, by nearly two minutes! The listed WR was 15:06.18 by Portugal’s Maria Alice Silva Fernadez. And get this: The listed W50 world indoor record in the 3K walk is 15:04.35 by America’s Gayle Johnson.

Beating a younger age group’s WR is extremely rare — usually reserved for vaulter Nadine O’Connor.

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April 4, 2012

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  1. Jerry Smartt - April 5, 2012

    Beautiful results out of Finland. Mary “hurrah” Harada
    is collecting some hardware. So far, it’s 2 gold, a silver, and a bronze. Way to run, Mary. Proud of you and all the gang. Smartty

  2. Anthony Treacher - April 5, 2012

    Results lists are one thing. But they cannot show the real story and the drama, for instance of the M45 800m final where two Swedes were well ahead of the rest and both wanted the gold. Sören Persson the man who came 8th on paper was struggling at the finish line with the eventual winner Gunnar Duren when Sören snubbled and fell. Sören deserves a medal or something. And seeing friends and acquaintances out there making it all happen is another experience altogether. The live video streaming from 2012 WMA Jyväskylä is not perfect but it sure is worth the price. Instructions on payment and access are on

  3. Weia Reinboud - April 6, 2012

    During the short sprints and the walks the floor is flat, during the other runs they are banked. Ingenious!

  4. Frank Condon - April 13, 2012

    Bill C. great to see you back on the track–
    Frank Condon

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