British tabloid makes M95 sprinter Charles Eugster a sex symbol

Charles gets the tabloid headline treatment.

For my celebrity-watcher job with, I visit the Daily Mail all the time. So it was a treat to come across a story on 97-year-old WR man Charles Eugster. Actually, he wrote it (and a new book). It contains this: “I was 82 when I lost my wife Elsie. It felt like I had died with her. I could not see beyond a handful of bleak and final years. Conscious that my body was seriously failing me, I became convinced that I would die at 85 and duly began to wind down in preparation. My muscles were wasting away. Alone in the house, I had plenty of opportunity to think. It occurred to me that I was bored and inactive, and both served to accelerate the decline in my physical function. I began to think and read about issues central to my concerns and concluded that, quite simply, our concept of retirement is little more than a slow death sentence.” The rest is about his comeback. It’s amazing what you can do in your late 80s. So I have a quarter-century to get serious about track.

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February 7, 2017

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