Calculate age-graded points on iPhone? There’s an app for that!

Stefan Waltermann shares this news for decathletes, heptathletes and everyone involved in the so-called combined events: “Jumpin’ Joe Johnston asked me last year if I could help with an Apple app, a combined-event point calculator for Apple Notebooks, iPhones and iPads. I politely declined but it stayed in the back of my mind. Now I can forget about it. It’s done and done beautifully. All Apple bound combined event athletes can purchase an application created by one smart woman, Carmen Burmeister. Go to the Application Store> Sports> Carmen Burmeister. The app is called “Score Calc – Calculator and Scoring Tables for Athletics Combined Events.” More info on this German website. App costs $1.99 apparently. Such a deal!

Screen shot of combined-events scoring app being sold on iTunes.

Stefan continues:

You can score open and masters decathlons, heptathlons, pentathlons and throw pentathlons. You’ll get a Save function with a transfer function of your results to a Result screen. And, like in the good old days, Carmen shows points for all incremental distances, times, heights… absolutely cool for goal setting. Oh, it’s multilingual if you prefer English.

The app is not free but it is good enough to seriously consider becoming an Apple aficonado. It is good enough to start thinking about becoming a multi-event athlete as well. Man, I love the thing! I don’t know Carmen but wherever she is, I buy her a beer. Heck, I invite her to dance a Tango.

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March 23, 2011

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  1. Stefan Waltermann - March 23, 2011

    Even better, I forgot to mention that you can enter all your results, starting with that first multi you did in 1912. They all will be calculated with Model 2010 age factors. And they all show up in your Results database, ready to add the results of your next 50 years. As King Gustav V of Sweden said to our very own Jim Thorpe: “You Sir, are the greatest athlete in the world.” Jim’s answer is the pride of all of us combined events athletes: “Thanks, king.”

  2. Sarasota Masters Track - March 23, 2011

    Droid please.

  3. David E. Ortman (M57) Seattle, WA - March 23, 2011

    Absolutely wonderful. Now all I have to do is get a cellphone (I’m a late adaptor). However, the holy grail for multi-eventers is a website that allows you to enter marks that will output an age-graded score for each of the way too many age-graded tables that have been adopted over the years.

    That way you would know what your pent or deca score is or would have been under the 1989, the 1994, the 2002, and the 2010 age graded tables (or any other adopted table I’ve missed).

    Please! Pretty Please!

    Oh, yes, I’m assuming that the calculatgors account for the rounding down rules for the throws and jump measurements.

  4. Ken Stone - March 23, 2011

    Dave, I wrote about a British-based multi-event score calculator online last year:

  5. Weia Reinboud - March 24, 2011

    Hi David, why want to know scores for age gradings that were bad? An excel for 2007 (= 2002 with additions) and one for 2010 you can find on my website.

  6. stefan waltermann - March 24, 2011

    I agree with David. It would be a good thing to see a calculator going back through all those changes. Strangely, I can’t even find the 1989 tables. Even if I would, I’m at least nine years away from retirement. David,you need to find somebody else. By the way, in the first version of the praised Burmeister calculator, we (pino pilotto) noticed rounding problems. I think those problems are fixed by now.

  7. Weia Reinboud - March 24, 2011

    I have them all. Be patient.

  8. David E. Ortman (M57) Seattle, WA - March 24, 2011

    Why a multi-events age-graded calculator that spits out total scores for each of the past age-graded tables? Because for many multi-event championships, NMN only reported the total score. So if M60 Athlete A won the outdoor pentathlon in 1990 with a score of 3500, how would that compare with an Athlete B 2010 score of 3488? Better or worse?

    In addition, I’ve never been clear if past multi-event record scores are updated to reflect new tables, or are the actual scores under the old tables.

  9. stefan waltermann - March 24, 2011

    Old scoring tables, not current tables, unfortunately. Nobody can find the time to re-score old results and rankings. But it would be very interesting, indeed. Some close events of the past might see a different outcome with the new tables. That much already has been confirmed by Bernd Rehpennig, the co-creator of the Model 2010 tables.

  10. Weia Reinboud - March 24, 2011

    Bernd has recalculated everything, as they are good enough to enter his rankings. Great lists:

  11. al cestero - March 24, 2011

    why couldn’t one figure out how earlier athletes would score today( 2011) in multi-events just by putting in their actual times and distances, and using today’s tables..of course there’s always the factors of track surface and implement material..i wonder if anyone ran a program that factors those things in and see how dr richard ganslen, great pole vaulter would fare today…

  12. Ralph Maxwell - March 26, 2011

    Multi-event scoring is a subject very few people give a hoot about. Like Peter Taylor told me, unless you are one of the rare people who do the pentathlon, you’ll have no concept whatsoever of age-graded scoring. Well, I do the pentathlon, and even to me multi-event scoring is a puzzle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma (to slightly paraphrase Winston Churchill). The system is frequently being tinkered with, and as a result record-keeping is all screwed up. For example, last year at the Indoor Nationals in Boston I set an M90 WR in the Pentathlon. Then by some mysterious process, the scoring standards got changed, and became a lot tougher. At Albequerque, although I performed better, I got a lower score. So does that make the lower score the new WR?

  13. Ken Stone - March 27, 2011

    Rex Harvey responds to Ralph’s question:

    As to Ralph’s question about his record, the answer to his question is very simple. You take his actual performances last year and calculate the score using the Current 2010 WMA Age Grading factors.

    Then you take this years actual performances and calculate that score using the current 2010 factors. One of them will be higher than the other, and that will be the record, assuming that no one else has scored higher using the 2010 Age Grading.

    If someone would give me Ralph’s actual performances for the past two years I can calculate the scores in about two minutes. the process is clearly spelled out in Appendix B of the WMA handbook (

  14. James Snook - March 28, 2011

    The Apple Combined Events Calculator was interesting. TFPredictions software has a Combined Events selection that calculates event and total points for all Combined Events, Decathlon, Heptathlon, Pentathlon, and Weight Pentathlon. Indoor Combined Events are also included. It uses the corrected WMA 2010 Age Grading tables for Masters athletes. An Android App will be available in the near future. Other Track and Field Apps will also be available soon.

  15. Chris Leftley - May 16, 2011

    Is there an iphone app for single event age-grading…I do 10K road runs, and store the results on my iphone, and would like to get them age-graded to compare with other runners?


    Oxford, UK

  16. Russell Shaw - May 26, 2011

    I see there is another app for $1.99 for scoring an individual run.
    It is called “Score My Run”
    It looks good, but haven’t yet tried it myself

  17. Jess Brewer - July 13, 2011

    “Score My Run” is a nice app for long distance running, but (if the description on iTunes is accurate) it is useless for sprints, hurdles and field events. Has anyone made an app that can do what Howard Grubb’s AGT converter does? Or even mine (which has serious bugs)? I should think the multi-event app could easily be deconstructed and rebuilt for this purpose. I’d do it myself but I haven’t installed the iOS IDE on my Mac (or learned how to use it) yet.

  18. James Snook - July 13, 2011

    I am presently working on apps for the Android Operating System that will provide the information that you are seeking.

    One such app that will be available in the future is presently named TFCombinedEvents.

    I do not presently intend to provide apps for iPhone or iPad.

    The information you seek can presently be obtained using TFPredictions software for Windows and MacOSX. Description and Purchase is available on website:

    The software includes all normal Track & Field events. Comparison of your performance to other athletes including world record performances can be obtained using the software.

    If you need further information, please email me.

  19. Jess Brewer - July 14, 2011

    Hmmm… which will come first, an Android app called “iEm” (iOS Emulator) that will run iOS apps on an Android device; or an iOS app called “iAndroid” (Android emulator) that will run Android apps on an iOS device? Whichever wins that race, I will buy their hardware and throw away the other. For now, however, I am stuck with my iPod.

    Note: iOS should be easier to emulate than e.g. Windows, because it’s not a real OS; Android should be even easier, since (IIRC) it’s Open Source. Let the games begin!

  20. James Snook - July 14, 2011

    Information on iOS apps and emulator, and Android apps and emulator is interesting.

    However, I prefer to develop apps using Java language instead of Object C.

    I have not found an easy to use and readily available conversion from Java to Object C.

    Also, I prefer to not deal with Apple at this time.

  21. Chris Cockerham - October 9, 2011

    Stefan was nice enough to bring thing this to our track meets for calculating the results from the throws pentathlon we had over the weekend. I liked it so much, had to go out and try it on my iPad for the future. Well worth the app price, and kudos to the author!

  22. James Snook - November 8, 2011

    I have initially made available Android Apps for Track & Field at the Android Market Store. In particular, TFCombinedEvents App, can be used for all Combined Events types including Weight. Also other TF Series Apps presently available are TFRunAnalysis, TFStartBlocks, and TFAerobicProfile. Other Apps may be coming in the near future.

  23. Christopher Rupert - September 4, 2013

    I have used the Runner’s World Web Browser tool for age grade calculator and it works well for both desktop and mobile version. Even I hope to achieve the highest record by comparing my rating in this calculator. This has truly motivated and helped me improve my own records.

  24. James Snook - October 2, 2013

    For the Android market, TFCombinedEvents App provides the same functionality for athletes including Masters.

    TFPredictions provides this functionality for Windows and Mac computers.

  25. Jess H. Brewer - October 2, 2013

    All very nice, but my last multi-event attempt was in high school, and no one seems to be interested in making an app for SINGLE events using the Age-Graded Tables — even though it would be trivial to do so. If anyone want the PHP sources and MySQL database for my little AGT lookup tool at please just ask. It would also be nice to get an up-to-date table to update the database with….

  26. James Snook - October 2, 2013

    The percent of individuals meeting this performance level is of interest.

    I would be interested in the information.

    I may add it to one or more of my Android apps such as TFRunAnalysis or TFCombinedEvents or a new app.


  27. Jess H. Brewer - October 2, 2013

    Hi James, do you mean you want the code & database? If so, we’ll need to establish Email contact. You can Email me through my website, just click on my name.

  28. James Snook - October 2, 2013

    My email address is

    I am interested in the percent calculation used.

    I know how to do the rest to create an app.

    Not sure what I need.

    Please advise.


  29. Lollylegs - June 19, 2014

    There is a new Age Grader Android app that uses the latest (2006 lol) WMA tables. It also caters for all Combined (multi) events using the correct 2010 tables. It scores Multi events and also shows current world records and gives you an idea of what result you can expect for different events given the results of an event in a similar category. It also does much more.

    The Facebook link is

    or search for Lollylegs Age Grader in the Android Play Store.

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