Canada’s Paul Osland gives masters training tips for distances

Canadian Running has a way with masters — Dan Way specifically. He’s creating a series of training tips videos with the help, this time, of Paul Osland, a world-class middle distancer and coach. Here’s what we learn: “The workout this week: 10 to 12 sets of 300m with a 100m jog for the rest break. This workout isn’t meant to feel like speed work as it’s to be done at 3K and run continuously so as to tax a runner aerobically. As Osland points out, masters athletes need to be mindful about not just the volume of the workout, but also the intensity. A big component of the sport is making sure to listen to the body in order to stay injury free. Adjustments that need to be made to the workout and training plan to make that happen change with age. Factors like reps and set breaks will also vary from individual to individual.”

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December 1, 2017

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