Carol Finsrud blows past W60 throws WRs, but meet only for fun

M40 Hondo Salgado handles 98-pounder at Florida beach meet. Carol Dixon photo

Results of the inaugural Ultra Weight Pentathlon World Championships in Florida and a throws meet in Texas show great marks. On Oct. 1 in Lockhart, Texas, W60 Carol Finsrud went crazy at her hometown Atlas Field Series. “Word out of Texas has it that Carol Finsrud has just torched the W60 American record in the Throws Pentathlon currently held by Myrle Mensey,Bob Cedrone posted on the masters throwers page on Facebook. “The existing record of 4451 points, which Carol just missed at the 2017 USATF Masters Throws Championships with her 4417 total, now moves to an other worldly 5060 points (!) pending approval by the Masters Records Committee. I think that this may also be a World Record as well, but I need some back up on that claim. WOW!” Carol also recorded a 40.81 (133-10) discus fling, which crushed the listed WR of 39.24 (128-9) by Germany’s Karen Illgen in 2002. Turns out the meet fell short of record specs. Carol posted: “Thank you for all of the kudos! I can’t believe how on I was last Sunday at Atlas Field! We did not have weights and measures, three certified officials etc. so no records will be submitted. It was fun and it brought a big smile to my face!” But thank goodness results are posted at for historians of the event.

The day before in Clearview, Florida, James Griffin, Thomas Sputo and others put on the Ultra Weight meet (which isn’t really a WMA world champs, but who’s gonna challenge the big guys and gals?) It wasn’t USATF-sanctioned either.

But it drew nearly three dozens throwers, and Gary Dixon graciously shared results from the Sheraton Sand Key Resort. On Sunday morning, many of the male throwers donned kilts for Highland Games competition.

Gary’s wife, Carol, took a lot of photos, posted to Facebook.

More photos from the Ultra Pent:

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October 5, 2017

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  1. James Griffin - October 7, 2017

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for the article on a very well reviewed meet, as the athletes had a great time and that is the bottom line really. A few points on the meet. I contacted Sandy Pashkin last summer to inquire on the possibility of getting our ultra meet list as an exhibition event and she just thumped the rule book over and over saying it is not a recognized event so to them it doesn’t exist and she would not consider it ever. Rather limited foresight in my opinion. So that was impossible to have it sanctioned by anyone as it doesn’t exist. We just decided to move forward with it. What better place to hold it than the International Beach Games with the support of the Florida Sports Foundation. Has to be the first time a State has helped sponser an Ultra Weight Pentathlon. I have been in contact with the new NCCWMA head Guillermo and he was actually going to attend and compete to get a flavor for the event. How is that for forward thinking, but due to the earthquake there were some issues he needed to address. The effort was made to get WMA on board and maybe with help from Guillermo, yourself, maybe Jerry B. W. we could get the event as an exhibition for 2018. Let’s push to get this done. It would cost them Zero $ to tag their name to the event, fully funded and held at an international competition. Let’s hope anyway.

    Jim Griffin

  2. Gary Dixon - October 11, 2017

    To all the photographers that work the indoor and outdoor championships, this is how you shoot the throws.

  3. Tom Sputo - October 12, 2017

    He’s right, you know.

  4. John Stilbert - October 14, 2017

    Update on Carol Finsrud – I watched her throw the discus 40.76m today on a Division 1 College field at a USATF meet. The discus world record is hers, pending paperwork approval. I’m so glad I got to see it!

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