Carol Lafayette-Boyd called ‘Global Sports MVP’ on Canadian site

W75 sprinter/jumper Carol Lafayette-Boyd — a contender for WMA Female Athlete of the Year after setting five WRs in June and competing in WMA regionals in August — tells a Canadian news site she hopes to compete until she’s 100. We learn: “She hopes that her story can help people see that age shouldn’t stop you from starting something you’d like to try.” She says: “Don’t worry how well you are doing because look at me, 25 years later I’m doing better than the first two meets that I had.”

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November 10, 2017

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  1. Annelies Steekelenburg - November 12, 2017

    Carol, terrific athlete, terrific person.

  2. Judy warick - November 12, 2017

    Carol…you are our inspiration and our Role Model.

    You’re only getting better and better.

    Keep on keepin’ on! ‍♀️️

    Judy Warick

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