Carroll DeWeese elected to his hometown city council in Michigan

Carroll will help lead Birmingham, Michigan.

Carroll will help lead Birmingham, Michigan.

Masters official Carroll DeWeese, a recent David Pain Award winner, licked cancer. Now he’s hoping to cure what ails Birmingham. Michigan. On Tuesday he took fourth out of 13 candidates for the City Commission, a four-year gig. (See a ton of coverage.) But the commission had four openings. He got 1,492 votes and beat the fifth-place finisher by 82 votes. “This is amazing,” DeWeese was quoted as saying. “I want to thank everyone who supported my efforts to become a Birmingham city commissioner — I’m grateful for the trust and support they’ve placed in me. My wife, Pam, and I love Birmingham … it is our home.” DeWeese was known as a member of the city’s planning board. He and the three other winners were endorsed by the Birmingham Eccentric newspaper. The town of 20,000 is a northwest suburb of Detroit. “A 26-year resident, DeWeese, 71, is a retired strategic consultant at General Motors with a Ph.D. in sociology,” said another story. “If elected, DeWeese’s top priorities include better communication with residents, senior citizens and the city’s budget. ‘I want Birmingham to be the model of respect and developing consensus together to build a stronger community,’ he said.” Good for you, Carroll! Hope the city will let you have time for masters track!

I wrote Carroll, asking how the new role might affect his masters track duties, which include being national treasurer on the USATF Masters T&F Executive Committee and a WMA delegate.

He graciously replied, in part:

I have spent six years on the Birmingham Planning Board, which meets every two weeks and has anywhere from 80 to 500 pages of material to cover per meeting. I have also been the primary front section photographer and a correspondent for our local newspaper The Birmingham Eccentric.

In addition, I have been a volunteer photographer for virtually every nonprofit, museum, library, and many other groups in our area. … I also do lots of athletics officiating in the US and Canada at all levels that is not MTF related.
I like challenges. I plan to maintain my full commitments to MTF and WMA. The City Commission typically meets on the second and fourth Monday night of each month plus special meetings and having to be at various community events. Monday night is actually an easier night to make than the Wednesday nights for Planning Board. I will resign from the Planning Board
We all take office this coming Monday. MTF should not see much difference in my time and commitments for MTF. I am getting MTF on an increasing strong financial footing and my presence is needed and valuable. I will keep my commitments to MTF and WMA.

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November 4, 2015

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  1. Rita Hanscom - November 5, 2015

    You’re so awesome, Carroll. I wish you lived in my town.

  2. Bill Murray - November 5, 2015

    Birmingham is lucky to have you as a City Commissioner. Too bad it’s not the Birmingham 730 miles due South. Like Rita, I wish you lived in my town.

  3. Ruth Thelen - November 5, 2015

    Yes, Birmingham is fortunate to have you on its City Commission. Best to you as you continue to serve your community in a new capacity. I am happy to hear that you are keeping your commitments to MTF and WMA – that makes for happy athletes all over the world!

  4. Jeff Davison - November 6, 2015


  5. Amanda Scotti - November 10, 2015

    Congratulations Carroll! So glad that you are going to be helping the town that you care so much about! After my visit to Birmingham this summer, I see why it means so much to you… it is a beautiful place to live and lucky to have you!

  6. Mark Cleary - November 12, 2015

    Carroll, I am sure you will make many great contribution in your new position. Congrats !

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