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Fourteen months ago, I rattled folks with the headline “Future of in doubt — with funding an issue.” Now it appears the partial paywall is working. “Contributions since memberships have started have enabled the site to continue by paying most of the recent and some of the deferred operating costs,” says operator John Seto. […]

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Fei-Mei Chou dies at 81; beloved sprinter, jumper, friend of many

Fei-Mei Chou of Sunnyvale, California, has lost her fight with stomach cancer, I’m very sad to report. Her daughter, Ri-Chee, writes that “she fought a valiant battle for 8 months, but sadly, she passed away last night (August 25.). Please share this with the Masters community. That was such an important part of her life.” […]

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Americas Masters Games meet begins Saturday with dec, hep

About 500 people are entered in the five-day track meet at the Americas Masters Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, according to this list.Lots of U.S. stars are in the mix, including Colleen Barney, Joy Upshaw, Kathy Bergen, Don Drummond, Chip Crowl, Tecumseh Peete and James Chinn. Sadly, Canadian star (and local) Christa Bortignon won’t be […]

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Tony Echeandia running for Team USA at Perth, shunning P.R.

After many years wearing Puerto Rican colors at world masters meets, M50 Getulio “Tony” Echeandia of Queens, New York, will compete for Team USA at Perth, according to the entrants list. That means he can help America win 4×4 gold down under. He’s a U.S. citizen, of course. Last year, Tony explained: “I run for […]

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Pete Magill’s ‘Born Again Runner’ book offers masters motivation

Masters 5K legend Pete Magill has published a new book, “The Born Again Runner,” which gave me reason to interview the South Pasadena author. Among other things, he explains his skepticism of “shiny objects” — digital devices marketed to runners. I also pinned him down on doping. He told me: “Runners should definitely take medicines […]

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Club West Masters Meet back after 3 years — at Westmont College

Three years after its last edition, the fabled Club West Masters Track Meet is back. Long held at ocean-overlooking Santa Barbara City College and then UC Santa Barbara and Moorpark College, the event went dormant in 2014 and 2015 “as we sought a good venue at a reasonable cost,” says Robin Paulsen, Club West interim […]

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Belated praise for Jo Pavey: W40 WR 10K during Rio Games

Britain’s Jo Pavey was lapped early in the WR 10K at the Rio Games, but her 15th-place time of 31:33.44 was historic as well — a WMA W40 world record. Jo turns 43 in September. How good was her mark? It would have beaten the men’s world record in 1884, also by a Briton (Walter […]

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Masters history site adds thousands of original NMN color photos

The late Randy Sturgeon was publisher of National Masters News for eight years, and he honored the monthly’s history by safeguarding its treasured storehouse of photos. These images graced its pages (usually in black-and-white) for decades. Now many can be seen in their original full-color glory. Sunday night, I uploaded to 108 PDFs representing […]

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Kip Lagat (briefly) wins bronze in 5000; Ruth Beitia keeps her gold

Wow, what a crazy night in Rio! The W35 Spanish high jumper wins a low-height contest on misses, and M40 Bernard Lagat takes sixth in the 5000, then is moved to third because of three DQs, then is moved to fifth after appeals. The IAAF noted: “As it was, Lagat finished fifth in 13:06.78 and […]

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M40 Belarussian wins silver in Rio hammer, but has doping past

M40 hammer thrower Ivan Tsikhan of Belarus took silver in Rio, hitting 77.79 (255-2 1/2) on Friday. (The listed M40 WR is 82.23 by Igor Astapkovich.) Hope he tests clean this time. He’s had two positives in the past. It’ll be hard for another geezer to beat Ivan’s medal. But fellow fortysomethings Bernard Lagat and […]

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