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AMA meet results are rolling in — but who can read Japanese?

So I found this Facebook page focused on the Asian Masters Athletics Championships. I see a clip of a Japanese paper showing a bunch of masters tracksters and probably meet results. But I skipped Japanese as a Second Language. Sorry. In any case, the medals are heavy duty. (I just can’t wait for the 116-year-old […]

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American set for M65 steeple at Asian Masters Athletics meet

The 18th Asian Masters Athletics Championships start Friday in Japan, but it’s pretty much being ignored by WMA. Nothing about the five-day meet on its website. Hard to find a meet site either. (AMA is AWOL as well.) But aside from 116-year-old phantom sprinters, what can we look forward to? How about an American M65 […]

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Irie Hill, Guido Müller are Europe’s picks for World Best Masters

The Eurovets have revealed their nominees for IAAF World Best Masters Athletes of the Year: M75 sprinter/hurdler Guido Müller of Germany and W45 vaulter Irie Hill of UK. Both were selected by the EVAA (now EMA) Council. “In all competitions in pole vault, Irie is superior to the other veterans in W45. At the WMA […]

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Ontario Masters AoYs: role model in how to honor year’s best

Some names are familiar. Others are revelations (to me). Here are your Ontario Masters Event-Group Athletes of the Year. (And why should you care? Because Ontario is challenging other subnational governing bodies to honor their best performers. In USATF, why not regional AoYs?) Female Throws: Marie-Josée Le Jour. Male Throws: Boris Zaitchouk. Female Sprints / […]

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Nolan Shaheed escapes from N.Y. — with another great mile

Nolan Shaheed’s season is ending the way it began — in New York state with a great mile performance. In January, when he was 64, he ran 5:03.07 at the Hartshorne indoor mile. On Saturday, at 65, he clocked 5:07 to win his age group in the Fifth Avenue Mile. Nolan graciously wrote me from […]

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Canadian throws meet attracts ex-Masters Chair George Mathews

Eight years ago, George Mathews bowed out of USATF masters politics (and chairmanship of the national committee), but he’ll never quit throwing. He’s a hammer specialist. His latest ball-and-chain foray was in Richmond, British Columbia. Notes a local newspaper story: “The festival also attracted many top-level masters athletes, including Marie-Josee Le Jour from the University […]

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Indian athlete mortgages land to pay way to Asian masters meet

Reporting from Mangaldai in northeast India, local papers are telling the story of Kunja Lata Boro, a “poor but talented female athlete from a remote area of the State, who has been compelled to sell her power tiller and keep her agri land on mortgage only to meet the financial expenditure to represent the Indian […]

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Nevada Senior Games: last chance to qualify for 2015 nationals?

Track season is on its last legs, so you’re s—outtaluck if you want to qualify for the 2015 National Senior Games, right? Not so fast. As we learn from the Las Vegas paper, the Nevada Senior Games provide a last-chance meet for next year’s NSG in Minneapolis. The story says: “Nevada is considered an ‘open […]

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Pan Pacific Masters Games to hold symposium on masters sport

Whether you’re a disease or music genre, you haven’t made it until you’ve become the subject of a symposium. So check it out! Part of the Pan Pacific Masters Games in November is a two-day symposium on masters sports. We are told: “The aim of the conference is simple. To bring together some of the […]

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Why are Japanese newspapers not identifying M116 sprinter?

Gotta give credit to Yomiuri Shimbun, another major Japanese newspaper. Its own story about the “116-year-old” sprinter entered at Asian WMA regionals showed some healthy skepticism. But it quoted the president of the Asia Masters Athletics as saying: “But there might really be a 116-year-old person in India.” Whatever. But at least we learn the […]

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