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Shocker for track world: Track & Field News folds print edition

This really hurts: Track & Field News on Tuesday announced that it has mailed its last print edition. (Only online from now on.) I’m preparing a story for Times of San Diego. If you have a “Bible of the Sport” story to tell, please post a comment or shoot me a note. I’ve been a […]

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Ontario Masters meets pioneering mixed-sex 4×400 relay records

Last April, the IAAF held a mixed-sex 4×400 relay, reporting thusly: “The beauty of the mixed relay is its anarchy, the absence of a set running order of sexes allowing for final legs like the one we witnessed here.” To Duncan Greenshields of Ontario Masters Athletics, the beauty is the record-setting opportunity. As OMA records […]

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M75-plus, W70-plus sprinters sought for ABQ exhibitions Feb. 18

On Sunday, Feb. 18, masters exhibition 200-meter races are being held at USATF open indoor nationals in Albuquerque. Joy Upshaw is in charge of putting fields together in W70-plus and M75-plus. But the Status of Entries page shows nobody registered. Uh oh. The time standards are sub-30 for men and sub-34 for women. I suspect […]

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Eurovets president, secretary accused of drug-positive cover-up

How could M50 Ukrainian high jumper Oleg Kramar compete at 2016 outdoor and 2017 indoor worlds despite having tested positive for banned stuff at the EMA indoor championships March 29-April 3, 2016? A European wondered the same. This person tapped contacts at IAAF and FIDAL (the Italian track federation) as well as EMA leakers to […]

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American Masters T&F Classic in N.C. plans age-group tug-of-war

North Carolina-based Piedmont Pacers, a “running, track & field club,” has announced the “First Annual American Masters Track & Field Classic” on April 14, 2018, in Durham, North Carolina. The website logo calls it “American Masters Track & Field Championship,” but that’s probably an oversight. In any case, this has potential to fill a gap […]

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Heart attack claims M50 Irish star Joe Conway; lived in Texas

Ireland’s Joe Conway, a national class middle-distance who lived in Texas, died last month of a heart attack, we sadly learn. He was 50 and competed as recently as 2017 Baton Rouge nationals. A friend, Conor O’Driscoll, wrote me: “Joe was always great company at national masters meets. He will be missed.” A former media […]

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Spanish club offers ‘Holding Camp’ for Malaga-goers for $1,900

If you’re planning to attend Malaga worlds in September, tourism is probably part of your sked. So why is La Nova Sporting Club selling a masters sports camp at Alicante, Spain — four hours away? And who’s willing to cough up at least $1,900 for the privilege? Those are my questions upon reading the promo. […]

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WMA prez looking into banned jumper winning WMA world medals

M50 high jumper Oleg Kramar of Ukraine competed at 2016 Perth outdoor and 2017 Daegu indoor worlds despite the IAAF having suspended him from April 2016 to April 2020 after a March 2016 drug positive. How could that be? Oleg won silver at Perth and gold at Daegu despite being on the IAAF banned list […]

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M50 Ukraine high jumper Oleg Kramar given 4-year doping ban

Citing sanctioned athletes on an IAAF list, Bridget Cushen in UK reports on the WMA site that M50 European indoor silver medalist Oleg Kramar of Ukraine failed doping test at the 2016 Ancona, Italy, championships. She writes: “Kramar had entered the European Masters Athletics Track & Field Championships in Aarhus last July, but failed to […]

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Joan Benoit Samuelson eyes sub-3 marathon at 60, book reveals

I wasn’t expecting hard news in Jonathan Beverly’s new book on lifetime runners called “Run Strong, Stay Hungry: 9 Keys to Staying in the Race.” But there it is on page 108, when the former editor of Running Times notes 1984 Olympic marathon champ Joan Benoit Samuelson, “who said she has not yet formally announced […]

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