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Michigan memories: Waltz of the over-60 women’s high jumpers

I shot slo-mo video at the over-60 women’s high jump at Michigan nationals and took all of 2.001 seconds to pick the background music. Hint: It figured prominently in a Stanley Kubrick film. So here you go, Strauss fans. Just as classic are the photos shot at Grand Valley State University by Doug “Shaggy” Smith, […]

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Israeli M50 hammer thrower suspected of doping, Rio-bound or not

Remember the 50-year-old hammer thrower with the too-good-to-be-true 77.70 mark — an apparent world age-group record? He tops a list of suspected drug cheats. See this report. Soviet-born Oleksandr Dryhol, now of Israel, is being called out for his precipitous drop in 2012 – from 79.42 meters to 69.57 at the London Games. “At the […]

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Michigan memories: Hall of Fame inductions highlight banquet

About 250 people attended the Athletes Banquet at Michigan nationals July 15. Meal was OK, but a first-ever ceremony was exceptional — 14 members of the USATF Masters Hall of Fame forming a reception line to greet 2015 inductees Phil Brusca, George Mathews and Oscar Peyton. (It starts 9:50 into tape.) The video includes the […]

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Michigan memories: Champion Goldy warms up for M100 in year

In December 2002, the Rev. Champion Goldy told the Philadelphia Inquirer: “My goal is to run the 100 [meters] when I’m 100. That’s what I’m shooting for.” He doesn’t have long to go. At Michigan nationals, Champ was 99, winning five events — shot, discus, weight, javelin and, of course, the 100. I spoke to […]

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Bernard Lagat lowers M40 WR in 5000 by teensy-tiniest of margins

At Michigan nationals, the fastest 5000 was run by 41-year-old Ken Richendollar of Ohio. He clocked a nifty 16:04.51. The M40 winner at 2015 Lyon worlds was Jose Luis Blanco Quevedo of Spain in 15:40.88. So how are we to fathom Bernard Lagat’s latest sensation? The 41-year-old took third Friday in London to Olympic champ […]

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Allen Woodard wins USATF Athlete of the Week for M45 WR 400

Allen Woodard was named USATF Athlete of the Week just in time. Had Indy waited a few more hours, the winner would have been Keni Harrison for her WR 12.20 in the 100-meter hurdles in London. M45 Allen was a star at Michigan nationals. As USATF recounted: “Woodard (Houston, Texas) improved the M45-49 record he […]

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Greg Pizza catches break from USADA: Only 20-month suspension

USADA on Wednesday announced that a three-member panel of the American Arbitration Association Commercial Arbitration Tribunal has opted to recommend a 20-month sanction for M60 sprinter Greg Pizza for his doping positive at 2015 Jacksonville nationals. He originally faced a 4-year competition ban. Now he can return in May 2017. “His sample tested positive for […]

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Bill Benson dies at 96; prolific distance runner set M85 mile record

Bill “Billy” Benson of Valley Stream, New York, a former M85 mile record-holder who was profiled earlier this year about his goal of running 1,000 races and aimed to finish the Fifth Avenue Mile for the umpteenth time, has died at age 96, Mary Trotto reports. Bill was a member of her USATF Masters Awards […]

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Michigan memories: Sunday relayists fought ‘hurricane’ headwind

The only relay leg you’d enjoy Sunday at Michigan nationals was anchor of the 4×100. Others had to contend with the strongest headwinds I’ve experienced in any of my dozen-plus nationals. Weather data for that area said winds were at mid-30s mph with gusts in the low 40s. The second leg of the 4×1 was […]

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Michigan memories: Steeplechase photos available for grabbing

Even though he was nearly 10 minutes off Charlie Ross’ M90 world record, George Roudebush at 91 was incredible at Michigan nationals in the 2000 steeple (and many other events). The barriers were 30 inches (instead of the 27 for hurdles in his age group). Safety judge Carroll DeWeese never made a move to yank […]

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