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Don’t bother trying this at home: Mini leg presses of 1,648 pounds

Roald Bradstock, the javelin Olympian who competed in the British Olympic Trials at age 50, is known for throwing crazy objects. This time, at 52, he amazes with his legwork. He writes: “Two-time Olympian, former World Javelin Record Holder and current World Masters (M50) Record Holder Roald Bradstock does 1648 lbs for 15 reps on […]

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USATF battles over board as Anaheim annual convention nears

In recent weeks, a war has erupted over proposed changes in the USATF board of directors. Masters T&F lost its direct representation in 2008, when committee chairs including our Gary Snyder were kicked off the board and replaced by Willie Banks, who did double duty, representing Associations and Masters. I’m not sure how the latest […]

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National Senior Games beat Sochi for Best Multi-Sport Event

I guess we know how to put on a show. According to a recent release by the NSGA, “The 2013 National Senior Games Presented by Humana has been voted ‘Best Multi- Sport or Multi-Discipline Event’ in a prestigious annual awards poll hosted by SportsTravel magazine. … Online voting was open to membership and the public. […]

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California Dreamin': 4 San Diego summer all-comers revealed

This is dedicated to our frozen East Coast friends. Paul Greer of the San Diego TC writes: “The 2015 Summer Nights Track and Field Series Schedule has been finalized…. Again our mission is to promote track and field to our wonderful community and my hope is this series of events held during the summer season […]

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Junior Olympics vs. masters nationals: Who will have juice in Jax?

The day after 2015 masters nationals end in Jacksonville in July, the National Junior Olympics begin. Oughta be interesting to compare our times! But the big news is that masters and munchkins will share in a $125,000 windfall. The local paper says: “To aid the effort, the Duval County Tourist Development Council on Thursday awarded […]

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Susan Kassey’s masters moment is Hartford Courant’s failure

Here’s a lovely story about a Connecticut police officer making a track comeback after 35 years. Her career was cut short at age 15, when her dad died. But Susan Kassey, the subject of a Hartford Courant report, deserved better. The story is full of mistakes and overstatements. Count ‘em in just one paragraph: “Masters […]

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So what has Lavinia Petrie done lately? Try W70 WR at 3000m

Only days before getting her WMA World Best Masters Athlete award in Monaco, Lavinia Petrie of Australia added to her record-setting legend. At a Bendigo meet Tuesday night, she ran 3000 meters (a half-lap short of 2 miles) in 12:52.03. That makes her the oldest woman to go sub-13 and beats her own listed W70 […]

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David Pain accepts lifetime service award from San Diego TC

David Pain, our Columbus, was honored Sunday by the San Diego Track Club with a lifetime service award. He and pioneer female road runner Donna Gookin were applauded by 200 people at the San Diego Hall of Champions, a sports museum in Balboa Park. ran a story about the awards, named for legendary San […]

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Track world finally notes WMA World Best Athletes of the Year

A week before the World Athletics Gala in Monte Carlo, the IAAF itself and British track mag Athletics Weekly have noted the winners of WMA World Best Masters awards — Guido Muller and Lavinia Petrie. (We had the news nearly two months ago.) WMA posted their credits. (Click on their names above.) I learned a […]

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Willie Banks sees doubling or tripling in masters track budget

Look for the USATF Masters T&F Committee budget to double or triple in the next two or three years. That’s the prediction of Olympian and former world record holder Willie Banks, a member of the USATF Board of Directors since 2009. He made the forecast Saturday night as the featured speaker at the annual awards […]

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