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From cripple to WR man, Thomas Stewens eyes return to decathlon

After setting a startling M50 world record in the pentathlon, Germany’s Thomas Stewens became my latest Q&A target. He responded immediately. But I forgot about his email. My apologies. He’s had rougher treatment. In 2004, after severing the rectus femoris muscle of his takeoff leg quadriceps, he rejected a diagnosis that his leg was shot […]

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M45 sprinter/hurdler Karnell Vickers using GoFundMe for Perth

The good news: USATF’s suggestion of masters using GoFundMe to raise money for Perth travel is spreading. The bad news: Karnell Vickers is only halfway to his $5,000 goal via GoFundMe. His local paper in Georgia says Vickers considers running more than a hobby, and “if he gets his chance to fulfill his dream of […]

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Ed Whitlock’s next WR goal: M85 marathon under 4 hours at Toronto

Sometimes tracko Ed Whitlock holds the marathon WR in three age groups: M70 (2:54:48), M75 (3:04:54) and M80 (3:15:54). On Oct. 16, if the wind cooperates, he hopes to add M85 — and be the oldest to go sub-4 hours. The listed WR is 4:34:55 by Aussie Robert Horman in 2004. A Canadian running magazine […]

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Fiji sending throws star Mereoni Vibose to Perth worlds in October

With Perth starting in a month, we’re seeing hometown media celebrating entrants. Fiji will send two, including Mereoni Vibose, who turned 65 in April and holds national open records in the discus (47.76 or 156-8 1/4) and old javelin (53.18 or 174-5 3/4). The other Fijian is M40 steepler Noel Singh. A story in Fiji […]

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Anyone in San Diego want free trip to USATF annual meeting?

The San Diego-Imperial USATF Association held its annual elections Wednesday night at Road Runner Sports, a megashoe store. I attended even though I’m a member of the Southern California Association (in order to join the Striders). In any case, I learned that nobody has taken over for Steve Kleinstuber as Masters Track Committee chair. He’s […]

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Race for 2020 WMA worlds is down to Toronto vs. Gothenburg

Ontario meet maven Doug “Shaggy” Smith said Tuesday on Facebook that Tampere, Finland, has dropped out of the running to host the 2020 WMA outdoor worlds. “That leaves Gothenburg, Sweden, and Toronto in a one-ballot vote in Perth on Sunday, October 30th,” Doug says. I haven’t confirmed the Finnish finish yet, but I trust Doug […]

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Steve Peters sweeps M60 sprints at British masters nationals

Our M60 psychiatrist friend Stephen Peters won the 100, 200 and 400 over the weekend at British masters nationals. See results here. Steve’s margins of victory were even more impressive — 12.42 to 13.09 for runner-up Simon Barrett, 24.90 to 26.55 for silver medalist Ian Broadhurst and 58.23 to Simon’s 60.87. An even crazier set […]

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Cute beyond words: Grandparent-grandchild relay at San Diego

A tradition at Senior Games in Pasadena, San Diego and elsewhere is the Grandparent-Grandchild Relay, which usually involves kids running 50 meters and touching hands with Grandma or Grandpa, who race back to the start. But at Sunday’s San Diego Mesa College meet, a 3-year-old named Ellie stole the show. She started in a down […]

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John Seto seeks sponsors for Spread word

John Seto is throwing a wider net to fund He’s looking for corporate sponsors. He also writes: “The [$25 a year minimum] membership program has yielded results so far ($39.3K) which covered D&O plus liability insurance in early August plus paid some of the owed license fees. My goal was $75K raised by the […]

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Teaching an old WR man new tricks: Earl Fee becomes a jumper

Earl Fee wrote the book on becoming a masters track champion (actually two or three). Now at M85, he’s writing a new chapter in his storied career — becoming a high jumper and long jumper. Gotta love it. He cleared 1.05 (3-5 1/4) at Michigan nationals. His local paper tells how and why: “At 87, […]

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