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Nolan Shaheed, Alisa Harvey top age-graded miles at Hartshorne

Tom Hartshorne reports a “best ever” turnout at Saturday’s 50th running of the Hartshorne Memorial Masters Miles at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. But world record attempts by M65 Nolan Shaheed and W50 Alisa Harvey fell short, although Tom (son of the meet’s namesake) said the pair “were on pace to break records through […]

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Geraldine Finnegan back to worlds, 6 years after doping nightmare

W50 multi-eventer Geraldine Finnegan of Ireland, a 2013 hep champion at Porto Alegre, is returning to indoor worlds in March for the first time since 2010 Kamloops. She’s promising herself not to buy any over-the-counter drugs in Daegu. The last time she did, at the British Columbia meet, she netted a two-month doping sanction for […]

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Running is good for knees, says study quoted by New York Times

Next thing we’ll learn is triple jumping is balm for the knees. Gretchen Reynolds of The New York Times on Wednesday brought to our attention a study of runners’ knees. She writes: “In my many decades as a runner, I have frequently been told by fellow runners and nonrunners alike that I am putting my […]

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3 Kenyan gold medalists at Perth stand to earn nearly $10,000 each

Kenya won 10 medals at Perth, and now it looks as if they’re worth real money. According to Nairobi-based Mediamax Network, the mostly distance-runner group will be “considered in the government reward scheme that awards Kenyan achievers in international and continental championships.” That means world M40 half-marathon champion Francis Komu, M50 10K winner Paul Kibet […]

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Nolan Shaheed, Alisa Harvey calling their world-record-mile shots?

If weather and air travel cooperate, this weekend’s 50th running of the Hartshorne Memorial Mile at Cornell University will be a humdinger. The local paper suggests M65 Nolan Shaheed and W50 Alisa Harvey will try to set world indoor records. Both have plenty of record experience, so it’s not a stretch. But Nolan lost a […]

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New Year’s resolution for WMA, USATF: Update your records ASAP!

The mess known as USATF and WMA masters records began decades ago. It’s about time to end it. The latest example involves the M70 indoor vault record. By all rights, Art Parry is the world recordman. His 3.35 (10-11 3/4) was ratified at the Orlando meeting last year. But Don Isett’s 3.25 (10-8) from 2013 […]

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Gérard Dumas defies doctor again, vaults for the 70th year in row

In March 2007, I interviewed Gérard Dumas, the pole vault historian who claims the world record for most consecutive years jumping with a stick. I asked him: “How many more years of vaulting do you have left in you?” He replied: “I would like to jump another five years, but the legs are crying mercy […]

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Harold Morioka, born in WWII internment camp, enters hall of fame

M70 coach Harold Morioka is the subject of a great profile in his British Columbia newspaper after being inducted into the B.C. Athletics Hall of Fame. It told me something I didn’t know — that he was born in a Japanese internment camp during World War II. I wasn’t aware the Canadians followed FDR’s lead: […]

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Rocketman Rhodes first out of blocks for USATF masters exhibitions

Mark Cleary, who oversees the masters invitational program of USATF exhibition at the open meets, has posted details on two events — the indoor nationals in ABQ and the outdoor nationals in Sacto. If you’re a long sprinter, you’re in luck — men will run the 400 at both meets, and the women will run […]

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New All-American standards debut— in three grades for 1st time

The All-American Standards, a longtime revenue stream for National Masters News, are being updated. For the first time, the AAs come in three flavors — Gold, Silver and Bronze. The first batch — for running events only — was posted last weekend on “The standards are now based on the Age-Graded tables,” says Jeff […]

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