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Chiropractic as cure for masters ills? AW writer hypes his program

In a recent Athletics Weekly column that read like a paid advertisement, a chiropractor writes: “If there is a population in this world that needs the help of a physical therapist, it’s got to be athletes in the masters age groups.” The writer, Grant Pretorius, tells a “case study” of M50 sprinter Donald Brown, who […]

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How Gia Lewis-Smallwood got American discus record — at 35

Never stop learning. That applies double to older athletes. Just because your sainted high school coach told you one thing, it don’t mean you still gotta obey. That’s my takeaway from a great IAAF profile of Gia Lewis-Smallwood, whose American elite record in the discus this year is probably worth submitting as a W35 American […]

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National Masters News website gets face-lift, should eye new roles

National Masters News has been a part of our lives since 1977. In print. Its online portal quietly surfaced around 1999. Over the years, the website has gotten pretty unpretty. Too old-school and messy. Recently, the site got a refresh. Now it matches the slick, glossy magazine it promotes. Nice job. But as a USATF-subsidized […]

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Tyke Peacock, former American record holder, reveals ’84 secret

In 1984, former KU jumper Tyke Peacock cleared 7-4 1/2 in his sweats to make the finals of the Los Angeles Olympic Trials. But the day of the final, he bombed out. Injury was claimed. The truth — told 30 years later — was Tyke feared being drug-tested and banned. In an amazing story, in […]

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Rod Milburn will not be forgotten — thanks to hurdling’s Boswell

If Rod Milburn were alive, he might be training for 2015 Lyon worlds — ready to smoke the field in the M65 short hurdles. But in a tragedy to world sport and masters track, Rod died at 47 in a workplace accident. To those of my generation, Hot Rod was Hurdling’s God. He held the […]

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Root against Eugene? TrackTown bid for 2019 IAAF worlds pivotal

Contrary to an August report in Athletics Weekly, WMA doesn’t have four bids in hand for the 2018 World Masters Athletics Outdoor Championships. That’s the word from my WMA source. In other words, we don’t know if Barcelona, Spain; Cardiff, Wales; Gothenburg, Sweden; and Toronto, Canada are in the running. My source says: “WMA … […]

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Brazilian medalist banned for life as age-cheater, WMA confirms

Francisco do Carmo Oliveira of Brazil, who won five medals in Porto Alegre worlds after lying about his age, has been banned for life, my source inside World Masters Athletics confirms. “This is a matter that is still ongoing, so until WMA [has] a final adjudication I will not give any official comment,” my council […]

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Brazen Brazilian, 76, won three M85 golds at Porto Alegre worlds

For at least five seasons leading up to Porto Alegre worlds, Francisco do Carmo Oliveira of Brazil competed with a claimed date of birth of June 8, 1927. That meant he was M85 at his home country’s 2013 world meet. But in a comment posted Friday, Italian statmeister Luigi Fasolato reported that Francisco was a […]

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W50 javelin champion branded as a ‘witch’ in India, flees attack

India’s news media are going crazy over a crime report involving a W50 national champion javelin thrower who was attacked as a “witch.” The gold medalist in question is Debajani Bora. She appears to be OK, but the news (if true, since Indian press accounts can be flaky) is startling. The best report says: “Bora […]

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Porto Alegre results booklet is out soon — only a year late

WMA Prez Stan Perkins didn’t mask his pique. He’s PO’d that the Porto Alegre results booklet won’t be available till Halloween Eve.That’s scary late, since the meet ended Oct. 27, 2013. In a WMA post, he writes: “Finally we are able to announce that the Results Booklet from the 2013 WMA Stadia Championships held in […]

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