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VICTORY! USATF will pay the way of Anselm, Renee to Beijing

Anselm LeBourne and Renee Shepherd can relax now. They won’t have to pay their own way to compete in masters exhibition races at IAAF Beijing worlds. Today (Wednesday) I got confirmation from both that USATF will take care of travel expenses. “I sent my passport info to USATF yesterday and they booked the flight to […]

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Dates and place of 2016 Michigan masters nationals confirmed

It’s not too early to talk 2016 masters nationals. (In fact, I’m urging my 87-year-old dad to put the shot at Grand Rapids, since he lives west of Detroit.) But some folks are asking about the relatively early dates: July 14-17, 2016. So I wrote the head guy. “My name is Lou Andreadis, and I […]

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American record in W55 4×4 fills USATF gap, but others remain

At Jax nationals, the top three finishers in the W55 400-meter run were Daphne Sluys (68.15), Vicki Fox (70.36) and Susan Loyd (72.88). Someone noticed that USATF has no listed record for the W55 4-by-400. So the trio joined with veteran relayist Cheryl Bellaire and clocked a 5:03.58 (average time 75.9 in the muggy weather […]

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Anthony Bailey breaks historic M55 triple jump record at Jax

In January 1975, a gentleman from Van Nuys traveled a couple hours east to a Southern California resort and triple-jumped 41 feet, 5 inches (12.62 meters). Unless you knew his age, you wouldn’t think much. But at age 57, he was hailed as a masters Bob Beamon. David Pain’s USMITT newsletter reported: “One of the […]

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Hurdlers notch shuttle record amid crazy winds at Jax nationals

With tailwinds topping 10 mph, sprinters at Jax nationals had a field day Saturday. Records were negated, including a stunning 14.12 by M80 Bobby Whilden Jr. (with the listed WR being Payton Jordan’s 14.35). Bobby won by an incredible 2.5 seconds! But contrary to USATF’s Day 3 news release, W75 Kathy Bergen didn’t set a […]

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Brown, Pye hurdle ‘records’ highlight Day 2 of hot Jax nationals

Sigh. I can report two hurdle records from Jax nationals Friday. But they’re not hurdle bests. M70 Ty Brown lowered his own pending world record in the 80-meter hurdles to 12.61 (from 12.69 a month ago), but James Stookey has an unrecognized 12.18 from 2000. And M45 Derek Pye ran the 110s in a sensational […]

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Please sign petition on behalf of Renee and Anselm for Beijing

The British are paying for three masters athletes to compete at the IAAF Beijing exhibitions next month — joining several other countries but not the richest in the world. Bridget Cushen, BMAF secretary, writes: “I am very pleased to inform you that UK Athletics are funding the travel cost to the IAAF World Track & […]

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Jax nationals under way: Worst weather in masters history?

For all the great performances at Jacksonville nationals, this meet may go down as the most uncomfortable in history, rivaling Charlotte 2006. The temp is “absolutely brutal,” “ghastly,” say commenters, with a heat index of 107 Thursday. Then the thunderstorms came in the afternoon, and a transformer blew at a hotel where one entrant was […]

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Weights and measures official is AWOL on eve of Jax nationals

I’m not in Jacksonville for masters nationals, but my moles are. Here’s a “Day 0″ report Wednesday from Masters Mole 2668g: “Heavy rain and lightning started about 3:45. Packet pickup was supposed to start at 4 p.m. at the track, but at the appointed time, no packets. About 4:30, truck pulled up and boxes were […]

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UK’s Anthony Whiteman, 43, burns season best 1:48.81 for 800

Sub-4 man Anthony Whiteman shouldn’t be so hard on himself. After taking third in a British Milers Club 800 on Saturday, he tweeted: “Bit flat today, should have toughed it out down the straight as Elliott & Sam were running strong races! Still don’t like Oxford track!” His time was 1:48.81. Not bad at age […]

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