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USATF names Sabra Harvey as 2017 Masters Athlete of the Year

Every year, USATF names a single Masters Athlete of the Year — sometimes at odds with the choice of the USATF Masters T&F Committee. So it is with 2017. That’s because USATF Masters LDR is part of the process, and the two committees alternate on who is recognized at the annual meeting. LDR star Sabra […]

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Germany’s Margit Jungmann in the running for president of WMA

In October 2013, Germany’s Margit Jungmann was elected vice president of World Masters Athletics at Porto Alegre worlds. At 2016 Perth worlds, she was re-elected. And if she has her way, she’ll replace Stan Perkins as WMA president at 2018 Malaga worlds. German sites say her nomination was decided at a recent DLV council meeting […]

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Prize money set in UK for Masters Grand Prix on June 23, 2018

British M45 sprint star Darren Scott shares more details on his Grand Prix series, which I noted four months ago. Darren writes: “The very first of our Grand Prix masters events will be held June 23, 2018, and is open for men/women over the age of 35 at Sheffield Hallam University Stadium. Nearest airports are […]

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M55 Aussie high jumper draws 4-year ban for Perth doping positive

Volodymyr Shelever of Australia won M55 high jump gold at 2016 Perth worlds, but Thursday the IAAF revealed he’s been suspended until 2021 after testing positive for a banned substance. An Aussie site says he had this in his system: 6b-hydroxymethandienone and 17b-hydroxymethyl-17a-methyl-18-norandrost-1_ 4_ 13-trien-3-one (metabolites of Methandienone). That’s a steroid sold as Dianabol. But […]

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Sean the blogger shows how not to write about masters track

A sportswear company in the UK has a clueless blogger named Sean, who writes for He interviewed British masters official Maurice Doogan and wasted his time by reinventing the wheel. It appears Sean With-No-Last-Name saw a BBC story about Alex Rotas and her photos of elder athletes. Sean wrote: “Earlier in the summer, a […]

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Eurovets report on ritzy ‘Management Workshop for EMA’s future’

Three weeks ago, I wrote about the coming powwow of Eurovets enchiladas in Frankfurt, Germany. I said: “One hopes the council reports out what they’re recommending at the Nov. 3-5 meetings.” Well, they delivered — Euro-fluff. Here’s what “KG” posted on the Eurovets site about the “Management Workshop for EMA’s future.”

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M85 Brazilian thrower highlights South American WMA regionals reports that more than 1,500 athletes took part in the WMA South American Regional Championships that ended Sunday in Santiago, the Chilean capital. “Participants came from several nations outside of WMA’s South American Region including Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Curazao, Guatemala, Indonesia, Mexico, Netherlands and United States,” the story says. I found one Yank […]

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4 years after the fact, Christian Cushing-Murray nets his M45 AR

On the Ides of March 2013, Christian Cushing-Murray was seven months away from turning 46. He stepped to the line of the first 1500 heat at the Oxy Invitational in Los Angeles and proceeded to chase kids half his age. He finished 13th in a fantastic 3:55.09, which I celebrated as an M45 American record. […]

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Carol Lafayette-Boyd called ‘Global Sports MVP’ on Canadian site

W75 sprinter/jumper Carol Lafayette-Boyd — a contender for WMA Female Athlete of the Year after setting five WRs in June and competing in WMA regionals in August — tells a Canadian news site she hopes to compete until she’s 100. We learn: “She hopes that her story can help people see that age shouldn’t stop […]

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Aussies get chance at $100 gift certificates for completing surveys

Two Aussie schools are offering a chance at $100 gift vouchers or $150 digital cameras if you take part in their what-motivates-masters study. But they’re apparently targeting folks who competed in the Australian Masters Games. “The first project will explore the reasons why people get involved in sport and how they continue to participate as […]

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