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Vin Lananna hints masters events at 2021 IAAF worlds (if asked)

Vin Lananna brought his “listening tour” to San Diego on Sunday, and I joined a dozen local USATF brass at a shoe store where we sat in a semi semicircle on wooden folding chairs and peppered the prez with comments and questions. Since I was covering for Times of San Diego (see my story), I […]

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Joy Upshaw named USATF Athlete of the Week for W55 100 AR

Coach Joy Upshaw, whose USATF roles are too numerous to mention, finds time to compete somehow. And when she does, it’s serious. After making the 360-mile trip south last weekend from the SF Bay Area to run the Sri Chinmoy meet in Glendale, she scorched the 100 in 13.27 seconds to claim the W55 American […]

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Carol Finsrud blows past W60 throws WRs, but meet only for fun

Results of the inaugural Ultra Weight Pentathlon World Championships in Florida and a throws meet in Texas show great marks. On Oct. 1 in Lockhart, Texas, W60 Carol Finsrud went crazy at her hometown Atlas Field Series. “Word out of Texas has it that Carol Finsrud has just torched the W60 American record in the […]

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M65 sprinter Damien Leake: Why I’ve sat for anthem since 1968

Joe Ruggless wasn’t the only masters trackster debating President Trump’s denunciation of NFL “SOBs” for not standing during the national anthem. Also posting on Facebook was his clubmate and relay teammate Damien Leake, a fellow Strider and national sprint champion. When I saw Damien’s post, which indicated he has been sitting for the anthem since […]

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Search this site (and at same time) via new tool

I’ve re-installed a search function to this site, at upper right, using the free Google Custom Search WordPress plug-in. Try it out. The previous search tool led to a crash of the site, but I futzed around on what to replace it with. Finally I decided to go with the flow and the Evil Empire. […]

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Joy Upshaw finally nails W55 American record for 100 in 13.27

Since turning 55 in February 2016, Joy Upshaw has run the 100-meter dash at least 20 times, according to On Sunday, she finally achieved her goal — beating Phil Raschker’s listed American record of 13.30 set at 2002 Orono nationals — a world record at the time. (It’s now held by France’s Nicole Alexis […]

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W75 Louise Guardino’s Baton Rouge blog may be best of the year

W75 sprinter and thrower Louise Guardino keeps a lively track blog. She recently jotted down her memories (along with dozens of photos) of Baton Rouge nationals — nearly 7,000 words’ worth. (And she did this TWICE, after the computer ate her first post.) She drops a lot of names — many of them her heroines. […]

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A mission statement for Besides muckraking?

Veteran readers know what to expect from this site: the unexpected. Also recurring rants on records, quickie Q&As, self-deprecating humor and links to obscure foreign sites. But Janet Johnston, whose comment was No. 32,773 here since January 2003, makes a good suggestion: Why not a mission statement? “Your mission statement would help your readers know […]

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American Samoa’s John Wasko missed chance to compete in China

Oh drat. M70 sprinter John Wasko had a chance to be the only American to compete at the Asian Masters Athletics Championships in northeast China. But alas, he tells me via FB, he got his invite less than 30 days before the meet, which ended this week. “Not much time for travel plans, ticketing, visa […]

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W100 Man Kaur a no-show at Asian Masters meet; so are results

Responding to my incessant queries, WMA President Stan Perkins graciously shares what he knows about the Asian Masters Athletics Championships, now completed, in Rugao, China. He says the 100s are over, and India’s W100 celebrity sprinter Man Kaur was a no-show. Stan writes: “I have spoken with the Indian Team management and they have not […]

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