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Southwest Sprinters double at Mt. SAC; Duff barely misses sub-2

At 47, world champion sprinter Reggie Pendland is way too young to be talking about “bucket lists.” But I get what he means when he says he’s always wanted to run at the Mt. SAC Relays. Even through the meet is away from Hilmer Lodge Stadium for the second year in a row (while it’s […]

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Dysfunction in the Eurovets: Kaschke clueless on WMA bidders

Like World Masters Athletics, the Eurovets hold general assemblies. I’ve obtained the booklet for one such gathering at the March 2016 indoor championships in Ancona, Italy. Notable on Page 10 of the EMA booklet are these “final comments” on the 2015 Lyon world meet. EMA President Kurt Kaschke of Germany writes: “Lyon had a great […]

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W65 pair seeking $1,000 WR pay days at Sierra Gold Masters meet

Taking a page from kiddie track, the Sierra Gold Masters Track and Field Festival on May 20 is offering prize money for records — $1,000 for WRs and $500 for ARs (with a maximum of $1,000). At least two entrants have a good shot — W65s Kathy Martin in the mile and Myrle Mensey in […]

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Toronto to host WMA Regional Championships after Juarez bonks

Canada to the rescue! The NCCWMA regional masters championships will be held in Toronto, taking over at the last minute from Juarez, Mexico, which bailed last week. Official word on the rescue came Thursday morning via Doug “Shaggy” Smith, the camera-toting, steeplechase-running president of Ontario Masters Athletics. Doug writes: “The NCCWMA Executive contacted me last […]

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Secret German ‘Common Intention Declaration’ a threat to WMA?

Germans are touchy about dictators — for good reason. But a document I recently obtained suggests their track federation demands total subservience when it comes to the Eurovets — aka European Masters Athletics. Already the powerhouse of masters track on the Old Continent, the DLV (German Athletics Federation) has a 500-word “Common Intention Declaration” that […]

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Malaga 2018 worlds may let athletes talk back to WMA leadership

World Masters Athletics started as an athlete-driven group called WAVA, fiercely defending the right of every over-35 woman and over-40 man (at the time) to compete at worlds. But the late Al Sheahen sensed an upside-down change — with WMA leadership taking on the trappings of royalty. (Read his still-relevant “Which Way, WMA?“ from 2001. […]

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Hayward Masters Classic returns in late April at famed Oregon track

The Eugene Register-Guard reports: “Masters track meet: The early registration deadline for the 35th annual Hayward Classic is April 17. The meet, organized by Oregon Track Club Masters, is April 30 at Hayward Field. It is open to adults 30 and older, and offers a full slate of running, throwing and jumping events. Late entries […]

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Masters women’s 100 and mixed 80-plus 100 returning to Penn

Penn Relays masters majordomo Phil Felton shared entry info — even though deadline was Friday. But perhaps you can still sneak in. In any case, he writes: “The two new events from last year, the women’s 100m and the 80+ mixed 100m, have been kept in the program.” The crowd loves the oldest sprinters, and […]

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Kathy Martin makes SI’s ‘Faces in the Crowd’ after WR rampage

On Sunday, Feb. 29, I nominated Kathy Martin for “Faces in the Crowd” in Sports Illustrated. She had just set W65 world records in the 800 and mile at ABQ nationals, and it’s been my practice to give SI a heads up on notable performers. Though I wanted it to be a surprise for Kathy, […]

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Daegu Opening Ceremony rivaled the Olympics (on smaller scale)

I wasn’t in Daegu, but many of my Facebook friends were. They raved about the hospitality. One element was the Opening Ceremony. This 5-minute video devotes a big chunk to the performing acts. They seem professional and energetic. The clips that followed were kind of strange, starting with racewalkers. But a fair mix of throws […]

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