Dan O’Brien mulling masters comeback in decathlon?

Kip Janvrin, step aside? Olympic champ Dan O’Brien appears to be intrigued by masters competition. (He turns 40 in July 2006.) In a chat with the Portland Tribune the other day, he mentions having been impressed with Willie Gault’s showing in a masters 110 hurdles or sprint.

Sportswriter Steve Brandon shares this:
O’Brien teaches speed training and conditioning and works with athletes “from age 8 to professional,” including Arizona State decathlete Joshua Kinnaman and heptathlete Jacquelyn Johnson. He owns Gold Medal Acceleration, a Scottsdale gym. He does some consulting at fitness clubs and motivational speaking around the country and has been a TV analyst at the track and field world championships.
Last year, he saw former football and track star Willie Gault compete in a Masters track meet.
“I never thought I’d want to do that,” he says, “but the hurdles are lower, you know. So we’ll see.”

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October 7, 2005

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  1. Dale Harder - October 8, 2005

    It would be nice if O’Brien would enter the Masters comp. and I hope he does. But, based on a couple of his previous attempts to come out of retirement, my attitude is let’s wait and see. I don’t know if he’s hungry enough or in good enough shape–guess we’ll wait a bit and see. However, the hurdles was one of his best events.

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