Dr. Bell vaults 7-2 barefoot and topless, but M90 WR won’t count

BBC in August did a nice video vignette on Olympian Earl Bell’s dad, M90 William Bell. His running skill is as impressive as his jumping. The listed outdoor WR is 1.43 meters (4-8 1/4) by Ralph Maxwell at 2011 Berea masters nationals, and the indoor M90 best is 1.82 (5-11 1/2) by Don Pellmann. But Dr. Bell’s indoor 7-2 (2.19) didn’t appear to be at a sanctioned meet, so he’ll have to show up for a real meet to claim the record. But what a hunk! Meanwhile apologies for being scarce here lately. I’ve been up late cranking out stories for Patch. Notable efforts this week include: The Rock on Half Dome: How Dani and Sylvia Found Triumph Amid Tragedy, Local Media ‘Dropped the Ball’ in Covering Judge Candidate, KPBS News Chief Says and Ex-‘Secret Millionaire’ Bypasses Dating Sites for Billboard in Barrio Logan. See? I’m not just a world-class sprinter!

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December 6, 2012

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  1. jeff davison - December 7, 2012

    I saw him at the Decatur Nationals. Amazing skills and understanding of the event.

  2. al cestero - December 7, 2012

    ah…! the camera…!! what else is there…?? ha…ha..!!! amazing…!!!

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