Eurovets report on ritzy ‘Management Workshop for EMA’s future’

Three weeks ago, I wrote about the coming powwow of Eurovets enchiladas in Frankfurt, Germany. I said: “One hopes the council reports out what they’re recommending at the Nov. 3-5 meetings.” Well, they delivered — Euro-fluff. Here’s what “KG” posted on the Eurovets site about the “Management Workshop for EMA’s future.”

Members of the Eurovets management meeting gather for a scruffy group shot.

The post from Germany:

20 persons from 8 countries came together in Hoechst last weekend, close to Frankfurt, to discuss the possibilities to promote and to manage EMA in the future.

The council had invited persons from inside and outside EMA to discuss in workshops about possible ways to bring the Masters movement forward in Europe.

People from the media and marketing sector took part, and also members from EMA championship organizers (Spain and Italy).

The workshop was run by a professional team of management development advisors.

The council members will make their decisions in December for the future development of EMA during their annual meeting in Lausanne. In close cooperation with EA it will be important to put highlights on the possibilities of our organization.

To bring in new eyes who see EMA from the outside and ask the important questions, will always be the key point in development.

During the weekend many interesting discussions took place and possible plans presented.

All was organized as a world café-workshop, where everybody brought in his/her ideas into the matters that was put on the agenda.

The plenum debates gave new ideas to the council.

The weekend was a good start for the council to develop a strategy in Governance of Athletics – including a Code of Conduct, in Management of EMA is Marketing and Public Relation, and last in Media Representation of our Championships.

This tells us little. Anyone have details?

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November 13, 2017

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  1. ventsi - November 14, 2017

    Such senseless posts, saying nothing, are an insult for the readers.
    “Diplomacy is an art with the help of a thousand words to silence what can be said in one word”.
    It is a pity that such “diplomats” are regularly re-elected.

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