Eurovets set 23 world records at March indoor meet in Italy

Ivar Söderlind reports on the Eurovets Web site: “In the European Veteran Athletic Championship Indoors (EVACI), March 25-29 in Ancona, Italy, I have noted 34 European Records and 23 of these records also are World Records. It is plainly more records compared with EVACI in Helsinki 2007. (One of the records in Ancona is noted outdoors, the European Record 12.02 in discus W90 by Gabre Gabric, ITA.) In EVACI in Helsinki it was set up 30 European Records and 16 World Records, in Eskilstuna, SWE 2005 it was 21 European Records and 12 World Record, in EVACI in San Sebastian, ESP 2003 39 European and 16 World Records and in Bordeaux, FRA 2001 finally I noted 43 European and 23 World Records.” And the final record count from Landover? Uhm, nevermind. Britain’s Lesley Richardson has posted a  gazillion photos from Ancona.

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April 16, 2009

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  1. anonymous - April 16, 2009

    And congratulations to EVAA and the local Ancona officials. I heard from a Swedish masters athlete yesterday that the Ancona championships were the best organised that she had ever experienced.

  2. Tom Phillips - April 17, 2009

    And loads more photos from Ancona on my site, at
    As regards organisation, yes some lessons had been learned. However, the absence on most days of proper warm-up space was a shame. The excellent Palaindoor stadium was right next to an outdoor track, but as the outdoor throws events that have somehow become a feature of these indoor championships were held there on almost every day, the track was closed to athletes wanting to use it for warm-up. Seems that the warm up problem lurks at every big indoor championship.
    These Eurovets managed to stick to a very difficult and very long daily schedule, usually starting at 8am, and often going on until past nine at night.
    As one who was there both as a competitor and as part of the media circus, the availability of results, seeding and lane draw information was superb. State of the art just about sums it up. Touch screens available at many places in the stadium complex. Pity that the medal presentations were tucked away out of sight and sound (a bit like in Clermont Ferrand). We need to be celebrating our champions more!

  3. Weia Reinboud - April 17, 2009

    Carl-Erik Särndal has one of the high jump records. Some time ago after another of his world records someone asked which technique he is using, it is a very fine straddle!

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